TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants

Redmond,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 2467

TRUE BLUE is used by Special Forces personel, police, security, present and former military members choose TRUE BLUE just as all other brands claim to be. | We do not offer a CLP product because C (Cleaner) is intended to break down L (Lubricants). Fact is, the lubricating properties of CLPÕs are greatly reduced due to dilution. mid to long term performance will suffer and wear increases. For the best results is clean your weapon with a cleaner (Formula 5), lubricate with a lubricant. DonÕt go cheap and/or lazy using a CLP product. Your weapons deserve better. | Why do other brands have several selections of gun oils, a CLP, specific application this, that ÉÉ? Because at some point they under perform so they create an additional product, then another and take more shelf space to look big. We have one Gun Oil that performs across the application spectrum like no other. We have a Grease that satisfies those who prefer a grease on specific applications. The Formula 5 is efficient, effective and does not stink. Dumonde Tech has years of experience in small component lubricants where big oil company brands do not. They just have an oil and market their name. It does not mean they have the best product. Do you want Òworks okÓ or Òworks greatÓ.