True North Tradecraft  

Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 2113

As a Canadian, I have found it extremely difficult to access quality training and gear within my own borders. Not to say that skilled professionals donÕt exist here Ð far from it Ð but rather the availability of opportunities for training and access to equipment is very limited compared to beyond our borders. In that vein, I travelled outside of Canada not only train with specialists over the years (military, law enforcement and others) but to develop and build on my own skills. This has allowed my immersion into a full-spectrum of approaches which otherwise would not be available to me and bring them back here, to re-tool them into a Canadian framework. As Canada does not have options for the carriage of firearms or other weapons by average civilians, personal security and self-defence require a different approach to be effective within a more non-permissive environment. Rising to that challenge, True North Tradecraft came into being. With a drive to help others and continue to serve my country, I hope to give all Canadians access to personal security tradecraft, tactics and knowledge to thrive within our legal system and maintain that security wherever they go worldwide through less-than-permissive lands. This is no less true for those in the Military and Law-Enforcement community where the threat of such encounters is increased. For those who serve, we offer specialized, restricted-content training.