A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

Dubuque,  IA 
United States
  • Booth: 856

A.Y. McDonald - Water Works, Plumbing, Pumps, & Natural Gas

A.Y. McDonald’s team of experts work together by molding, melting, stacking, machining, assembling, painting, and building in order to meet and exceed the needs of the customer – our boss. As a fifth generation family owned company with 162 years of history under our belts, A.Y. McDonald does it all at four locations: Dubuque, IA; Albia, IA; Elizabethton, TN; and Reno, NV.

From the water main to the meter, customers seek A.Y. McDonald water works products such as stainless-steel service saddles, telescoping curb boxes, and brass corporation stops. We also carry plumbing parts, including frostproof sillcocks, pipe fittings, and supply hoses. A.Y. McDonald’s pump product line consists of jets, submersibles, residential and commercial boosters, and sump and sewage pumps. 

Brands: DuraMAC™


  • DuraMAC VFD Booster Pump
    The DuraMACTM Boosting system is simple, versatile, sophisticated, and reliable. The Vertical Multistage Variable Speed Booster System changes motor speed based on demands of the system. Saving energy over tranitional constant speed booster systems....


    Model 17062V080Y-1 Simplex variable speed, factory assembled water pressure booster system by AY McDonald Mfg Co. The unit shall be rated for a system capacity of 80 GPM at a system pressure of 22 PSIG. The motor must be UL Listed under UL 1004. In addition to the UL Listing for the motor the frequency drive must be separately listed under UL 508C.


    The booster system shall be factory assembled on a stainless steel base including pumps, motors, and valves. All interconnecting piping and isolation valves shall be stainless steel, no lead brass and copper material. Provide wetted stainless steel flange connection on the suction and discharge of the pump. Provide no lead brass isolation ball valves on the suction and discharge of each pump. The valves shall be full-port ball valves. Provide two 2 1/2” liquid filled pressure gauges for indicating system suction and system discharge pressure.


    System shall include one vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump(s) model 17062V080 with 2” flange connections. Pump casing, discharge, diffuser and impeller shall be made of stainless steel. Pump shall have a replaceable mechanical seal suitable for a working pressure of 230 PSIG. The mechanical seal shall be constructed of Nitrile Buna Rubber (NBR), Carbon and Silicon Carbide (SiC).

    Pump shall be rated 60 GPM at 104 ft head. MOTORS

    Motors shall be 208-230 volt, three phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC). Motor shall be 3 HP, 3520 RPM. Motors shall be selected so that they do not exceed name plate HP rating throughout the programmed sequence of pump operation.


    Each pump discharge will have a silent non-slam cast iron check valve sized for a maximum loss of 5 PSI at maximum flow and be suitable for the maximum working pressure of the system.


    A hydro-pneumatic tank (Sold Separately) with a steel shell and a butyl diaphragm to separate the air and water is required for this system to work properly. Features shall include an air fill valve and bottom system connection suitable for 100% drawdown. The tank must be suitable for the maximum working pressure of the system, with a minimum volume of 32 gallons.


    The pump shall run only as necessary to maintain system pressure and shall be controlled automatically by means of a pressure transducer and a variable frequency drive.