American Gas Safety

Clearwater,  FL 
United States
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Welcome to American Gas Safety!

American Gas Safety is a family business which has manufactured and supplied Gas Safety Systems for over 25 years! 

AGS controllers have international recognition in accordance with approvals of UL and CE, which has permitted American Gas Safety to introduce its product range into most countries worldwide.

We provide solutions for when a Gas pipe enters a commercial building, below are a few of the areas we protect:

Laboratory Utility Controllers:

Gas Shut off Systems to provide Teacher Control, Protect the Building out of hours and most importantly ensures the safety of Children & Students. We can isolate the Gas, Water & Electric.

Fire & Environment Safety

Gas Detection range to provide Gas Shut off in the event of Gas Leaks or Fire Alarm. All of our safety systems will protect the building 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Kitchen Fan Interlock & CO Protection

Systems ensure the ventilation is running before Gas can be introduced into the kitchen. To prevent the build-up of Carbon Monoxide this can be inhaled by kitchen staff.

Fire House Protection

Ensuring the main gas line to the kitchen is protected in the event of an alarm condition and protect the outdoor gas grill.


  • Merlin 1000SW+ - Utility Controller
    The Merlin 1000SW+ Educational Laboratory Utility Controls allows the teacher to command the utilities available to the classroom at any given time whilst also including built in safety features to protect the classroom, students and the building....

  • Product Description:

    • Panel & Pressure Transducer
    • Key lock Teacher controls
    • Gas Leak detection
    • In Built Time-out function
    • Connects to existing Fire Alarm
    • Easily wall mounted and labeled PCB
    • Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3Yr Warranty

  • Merlin 1500S - Carbon Monoxide & Fan Interlock
    The Merlin 1500S acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the gas solenoid valve. It ensures the gas solenoid cannot be opened unless the ventilation system is proven to be working. Plus can be linked into numerous CO sensors....

  • Product Description:

    • Interlocking with fans using either Air PD switches or fan current sensors to interlock up to 4 fans.
    • Can work in conjunction with a Merlin CO & CO2 Monitors.
    • Will accept remote emergency knock-off buttons.
    • Key switch operation gives the user full control.
    • Clear LED display for system indications.
    • Compatible with both BMS and fire alarm systems.
    • Straightforward to install and calibrate, the Merlin 1500S can be easily adjusted to the user’s requirements.
    • Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3 year warranty.

  • Merlin GDP2 - Gas Detection - Mech Room
    The Merlin GDP2 is a two-zone gas detection panel which can be used in many applications, e.g. Mechanical Rooms, Car parks, shopping malls and the most common being a boiler house application. Up to 6 detectors can be used in any combination....

  • Features:

    • BMS & Fire Alarm connection
    • 2 Zone gas detection system allows up to 6 multi-gas sensors
    • Will accept remote and EPO buttons
    • Clear LED display for system indications
    • Easy to install – The use of clearly marked PCB connections, low voltage wiring and push-fit wiring connections makes the GDP2 very simple to install.
    • Can be connected to fire/heat detectors and Fire Alarms
    • Covered by American Gas Safety 3 year warranty