Hubbell Electric Heater Co.

Stratford,  CT 
United States
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Hubbell Heaters - Engineered Water Heating Solutions

Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of water heaters used in a variety of applications including the Commercial, Industrial, Food Service, Offshore/Marine and Residential markets. With a wide range of water heaters to choose from, immediate and direct access to factory sales engineers for technical assistance, and a highly skilled workforce, you can be confident knowing that a Hubbell water heater is the right choice for your project.


  • TX/TXA
    The Model HX/TX Tankless is a compact wall mounted electric tankless water heater that is 98% + efficient and is easily installed and operated....

  • The Hubbell Model TX/TXA electric tankless water heater contains high powered heating elements that heat water only when there is demand for hot water. When hot water is needed, a built in fow sensor measures the exact fow rate, and that data combined with temperature readings at the heater’s inlet and outlet are processed by the electronic temperature controller. This data is continuously transmitted to the temperature controller, which constantly calculates the precise amount of power (kW) needed to achieve the desired temperature. The Hubbell tankless heater uses only as much power as is needed, while delivering accurate and consistent hot water temperature.
    Indirect fired water heaters which use low temperature boiler water to heat domestic water....

  • The Model BWP and BWXP is a fully packaged indirect fired water heater utilizing boiler water from a condensing boiler as the energy source for heating potable water. By utilizing plate type heat exchangers, the system can provide efficient heat transfer at temperatures below traditional U-tube bundles. The entire package is designed to be a reliable and long lasting source of hot water. Each component is carefully selected to ensure high performance in even the most demanding applications. All components on the potable water side will be constructed with non-ferrous material. Whether you are heating potable water in a commercial building or process water for an industrial application, you can select a Hubbell BWP or BWXP to do the job. 
  • HE/HSE
    Our ceiling hung water heater is available in all voltages, single or three phase, from 19-30 gallons. Its simple tie rod installation eliminates expensive and cumbersome mounting shelves....

  • Today’s design requirements put a premium on floor space for many commercial applications. The Hubbell HE and HSE model water heaters specifically address the concern of utilization of space by providing a horizontal water heater for installation above a drop ceiling. The integrally welded mounting assemblies are designed for quick and efficient job site installation, without the need for cumbersome and expensive structural platforms. This design, in conjunction with the superior characteristics of a Hydrastone cement lined tank, provide you with an ideal space saving solution.