Kemper Hygiene System

  • Booth: 625

Kemper introduces its unique Venturi splitter valve.

KHS Water Hygiene System – A Novel Approach for Bacteria Free Drinking Water

KHS automatic valve systems are now in operation in hundreds of hospitals, hotels, universities, and other facilities like offshore platforms throughout Europe. These systems incorporate a pipe-work design layout that makes use of loops interconnected by innovative valves. In CWS, usage of only one faucet automatically induces water flow throughout the entire upstream piping system. Temperature sensitive flow control valves are used in HWS to maintain optimal temperatures. The entire system can be purged with automated flushing valves and a computer system that initiates water flow throughout the building and provides records of all flow, flush, and temperature data.

KHS offers the plumbing designer new engineered tools and concepts for designing modern day plumbing systems. These tools have been available in Europe for over a decade but have just recently been certified for use in the US (NSF 61/372),

Visit the Kemper Hygiene Systems booth #625 for an interactive demonstration and for more information about how you can incorporate these engineered devices into your layouts.


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