Advance Products & Systems, LLC

Lafayette,  LA 
United States
  • Booth: 626

Come join in in booth # 2514. Celebrating over 35 years.

ADVANCE Products & Systems, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing quality pipeline products which provide their customers not only with the product but with confidence in knowing they have a dependable product backed by 35 years of industry-leading excellence.  


By forming a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, and pipeline casing, Innerlynx® seals pipe penetrations fast. Innerlynx® can be installed quickly and easily by one worker with no special tools required and helps absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves. Being non-conductive, Innerlynx® electrically isolates the inner carrier pipe from the penetrated structure.  Holding 40 psi and 92 feet of head for pipes 1/2" to 144" in 5 models including our 3hr UL fire stop, Innerlynx® can seal nearly every configuration.


For more information on all of our products and links to our IPhone® app & desktop Innerlynx® calculator please visit us at Booth 2514 or online at .

Brands: Innerlynx®, UBolt-Cote® with Atlas® pads, Infinity® & Gal-vo-plast® wall sleeves, Integra® & Integra II®, Kleerband® Kleergel® & Radolid®, RaqGard®, IsoJoint®.