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Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.  

Warminster,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 307

CircuitSolver and ThermOmegaTech welcome you to ASPE!

A decade ago, ThermOmegaTech® disrupted the plumbing world by creating the FIRST thermostatically controlled balancing valve for domestic hot water recirculation systems - CircuitSolver®.

But ThermOmegaTech® didn't start in plumbing. We have been a leader in designing and manufacturing self-actuating thermostatic temperature control valves and actuators for almost 40 years.

ThermOmegaTech's products are unique because they provide A Temperature Solution to a Temperature Problem.

Since its 2012 debut, CircuitSolver® has been changing the game in domestic hot water system (DHWS) balancing and remains the number one thermostatic solution for commercial buildings all over the country.

CircuitSolver® not only successfully balances a DHWS but eliminates the time-consuming, laborious, expensive, and frustrating pitfalls often associated with manual balancing.

100% mechanically operated, CircuitSolver® automatically and continuously adjusts flow through a DHWS to maintain a specified temperature at the end of each branch or riser.

CircuitSolver® keeps everyone from plumbing engineers and contractors to building residents and facility managers happy by maintaining a dynamically balanced system that delivers hot water on demand and makes callbacks a thing of the past.

Leave the headaches behind and contact our team today!

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CircuitSolver - How it Works

 Press Releases

  • January 26, 2022 - Warminster, PA -ThermOmegaTech: CircuitSolver, a ThermOmegaTech brand, announced its CircuitSolver Cold Water Balancing Valve (CSU-CW). This month and will be displaying the valve with a live demo at the AHR tradeshow in Las Vegas from January 31 to February 2. The CSU-CW is a dynamic valve designed to automatically balance cold water recirculation systems utilizing the same reliable and precise thermal actuator technology as the original CircuitSolver for balancing recirculating hot water systems. 

    This unique valve will effectively mitigate the risk of Legionella bacteria growth in a domestic cold-water system (DCWS) by continuously monitoring water temperatures and modulating flow to maintain a set temperature at the end of each branch or riser. This automatic response to water temperature balances the cold water throughout the system, reduces stagnation, and ensures “residual chlorine” is distributed throughout the system. 

    “Every day, the topic of Legionella mitigation is becoming more frequently discussed within the plumbing industry.” Tom Ruggierio, National Business Development Manager at ThermOmegaTech, says. “For domestic water systems, most of the focus has been on the hot water portion. However, over the past few years, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has taken a more proactive approach in addressing Legionella mitigation in domestic cold-water systems.” 

    To achieve stability, ThermOmegaTech’s engineers have worked diligently to develop a dynamic design that continuously addresses the ever-changing conditions often associated with cold water systems, including changes in building occupancy, building expansion, reduction in utilization, and other variables that may disrupt the balance of a system. 

    The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the plumbing industry in many ways, and domestic cold-water systems have been a weak point in many buildings. “Reopening buildings found that their unbalanced cold-water systems had sat stagnant and warmed, leading to dangerous Legionella bacteria growth,” Ruggierio comments. “The CircuitSolver Cold Water valve automatically balances the DCWS and mitigates Legionella risk.” 


    About ThermOmegaTech®:

    For over 35 years, ThermOmegaTech® has been a leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuated thermostatic technology. Founded in 1983, ThermOmegaTech® is a privately held company with 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and office facility located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company provides innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, including freeze & scald protection, mixing & diverting, steam traps, thermal bypass, tepid water delivery, washdown, balancing, drain tempering, and many other applications where temperature control is critical. Key industries it serves include railroad, commercial plumbing, aerospace & defense, and industrial. ThermOmegaTech® specializes in manufacturing prototype/small volume and highly engineered custom products utilizing phase-change thermostatic actuator technology to satisfy individual project needs. For maximum efficiency and effective communication, ThermOmegaTech®’s R&D, manufacturing, assembly, testing, inspection, sales, and customer service departments are all located in one facility. Its QMS is certified to AS9100D standards demonstrating the focus on quality its products are distributed and used worldwide.

    ThermOmegaTech®, Inc.
    353 Ivyland Road
    Warminster, PA 18974


  • CircuitSolver Cold Water Recirc Balancing Valve
    The CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water thermostatic balancing valve automatically and continuously balances a cold water recirculation system to discourage Legionella bacteria colonization, reduce stagnation, and ensure “residual chlorine” is distributed....

  • CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water Balancing Valves For Cold Water Recirculation Systems

    Dynamically & automatically balance cold water recirculation systems using the CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water (CSU-CW) thermostatic balancing valve.

    Legionella in Non-Recirculated Cold Water Systems

    Stagnant, warm water in a plumbing system increases the risk of Legionella bacteria growth. In cold water systems, adequate flow through high fixture usage and low water temperatures discourage the growth of Legionella and other biofilms. However, if flow throughout or part of the system is insufficient, standing water can drastically increase the likelihood of bacteria colonization.

    When cold water flow is minimal or stopped altogether, as seen during recent COVID-19 lockdowns that left buildings unoccupied for long periods, disinfectant levels evaporate, and temperatures gradually rise to Legionella’s growth range (77–113°F, 25–42°C), leading to bacteria colonization and uneven free chlorine distribution throughout the system.

    To address Legionella mitigation in cold water systems, organizations such as the VHA have begun taking a more proactive approach to planning for “periods of low flow or non-use” by implementing cold water recirculation systems.

    Why Cold Water Recirculation?

    • It keeps cold water moving and maintains water quality to reduce the impact of stagnation
    • Ensures “residual chlorine” is distributed throughout the cold water system
    • Keeps water temperature in branches and risers below 68°F
    • VHA 1061 Directive 

    Need For Dynamic Balancing

    Cold water systems must be recirculated and properly balanced to establish continuous flow and keep line temperatures below 68°F (20°C) - the point at which Legionella begins to colonize.

    Many variables impact the balance of a domestic water system:

    • Changes in building occupancy; closing off floors
    • Building expansion after initial construction
    • Reduction in building utilization overall
    • Actual construction is different than design (material, pipe installs/runs, installation)

    In order to achieve stability, system balancing must be dynamic - continually addressing the ever-changing conditions. Thermostatic balancing valves adjust dynamically providing the best opportunity for sustainability and Legionella mitigation. Traditional manual balancing valves could provide a solution to cold water balancing, but their static operation inherently does not factor in nor adapt to the realities of everyday system operation & changes, which may render the balancing obsolete over time.

    CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water (CSU-CW) Balancing Valve

    A CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water thermostatic valve is installed at the end of each branch or riser to balance a cold water recirculation system. The valve automatically monitors and modulates flow based on current water temperatures to maintain a set temperature in the system to mitigate Legionella growth.

    The CircuitSolver® Union Cold Water balancing valve uses the same reliable and precise thermal actuator technology as the traditional CircuitSolver® for hot water balancing. Designed with ease in mind, the CSU-CW is offered in sizes ranging from 1/2” to 1” and is available in a range of configurations to suit individual system needs.

  • CircuitSolver Hot Water Recirc Balancing Valve
    CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves automatically and continuously adjusts the flow of domestic hot water recirculation systems to maintain a specified temperature at the end of each branch or riser, reducing labor time and eliminating callbacks.

  • Thermostatic Balancing – Install it and Forget it!

    To conquer the challenges inherent to traditional manual balancing methods, ThermOmegaTech® invented CircuitSolver®, the market's first thermostatic balancing valve. CircuitSolver® automatically balances a Domestic Hot Water System (DHWS) by modulating flow to maintain a set water temperature at the end of each supply branch or riser, eliminating the need for manual balancing while ensuring instant hot water delivery to each fixture.

    When balancing a DHWS, the goal is to ensure hot water is consistently available at every fixture throughout a building on-demand. This can be difficult with manual balancing methods, which can deplete time, money, and labor resources.

    Multiple contractors must manually balance one valve at a time, often revisiting the same valve several times to adjust for inadequate flow or temperature throughout the system. The manual balancing process is both laborious and time-consuming. Ultimately, it may still result in future callbacks as system demands evolve because they cannot react to dynamic changes in the DHWS. 

    In comparison, CircuitSolver® valves uses our patented Thermoloid® blended paraffin wax actuators, continuously monitor the water temperature and automatically adjust the flow as conditions change to send hot water where it is needed to accommodate demand variations.

    Installed in-line at the end of each branch or riser before the return, CircuitSolver® valves modulate open and closed* in response to temperature variations to control water flow to the return.

    When the water temperature falls below the valve's set-point, the CircuitSolver® modulates open to allow more water to flow. As the water approaches the valve's set-point temperature again, the CircuitSolver® automatically modulates towards its closed* position.

    *Note: The valve will never fully close, always allowing a small amount of bypass of flow to the return to avoid dead-heading the recirculation pump during low usage.

    During the initial start-up of a domestic hot water recirculation system, the valve is wide open and will gradually close once the system temperature requirements are met. The valve remains in its closed position to keep hot water in the line, opening as needed when the water temperature drops below the valve's set-point. This allows a system to be initially balanced in hours, not days, and to stay balanced even as conditions change. 

    The accuracy and precision of CircuitSolver® position it lightyears ahead of manual balancing options by eliminating the struggles of balancing and rebalancing a domestic hot water system

    See the Savings!

    We surveyed plumbing contractors nationwide on domestic hot water system balancing costs and determined that CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves generate significant cost savings by eliminating manual balancing labor.

    The survey collected data on total costs associated with balancing a system, including labor time, employee salaries, required contractors per job, frequency of callbacks, and materials used. Below are the findings on the average cost of balancing the DHWS of a 10-story building.


    Manual Balancing Valves: 10 valves x $70 each = $700
    Labor: Contractors x 12 hours x $65/hour = $1,560
    Total Cost = $2,260

    When directly compared to this system, the implementation of CircuitSolver® valves would result in 44% SAVINGS due to the elimination of manual balancing labor.

    In addition, 58% of survey respondents indicated that they had received callbacks to rebalance a MANUAL system. Therefore, it can be extrapolated from this data that installations utilizing CircuitSolver® valves would result in even more significant cost savings over time.

    Maximize Savings with the CircuitSolver® Union

    The CircuitSolver® Union (CSU) can provide even deeper savings. This compact solution adds a union with an integrated O-ring face seal for a leak-free connection and an optional integrated check valve to the standard balancing valve. These additions reduce the number of components that need to be installed and minimize leak points. 

    You can SAVE $65-80 on additional materials and labor costs PER VALVE

    No matter how complex the design, CircuitSolver® is the perfect fit, offering a variety of sizes from ½" to 2" with a diverse selection of configurations, including ball valves, integrated unions, integrated check valves, strainers, thermometers, and ProPress or ProPex ends. CircuitSolver® is made to satisfy any design with even the most unique specifications; therefore, if an off-the-shelf option does not work for your system design, contact our team to discuss a custom solution.

    See how CircuitSolver® from ThermOmegaTech® can help you save money on your upcoming projects by visiting Booth #307!

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