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EJ is the leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide.

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Made in the USA 

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 Press Releases

  • East Jordan, MI – May 1, 2020 - Infrastructure access solutions provider, EJ, has announced the release of the DUOSEAL™ Access Assembly, a manhole cover and frame designed to prevent discharge, protect against inflow, and suppress odors. It is ideal for flood prone areas or to prevent unwanted fluids from overflowing due to a surcharge in the system.
    The bolted, dual-gasket design creates a watertight barrier to contain manhole structures and prevent inflow or overflow. The heavy duty assembly has been tested to EJ Watertight Level 8 (L8), meaning it can withstand 3 1/2 atmospheres of pressure (51.45 psi) or approximately 118 ft of water on top of the manhole assembly.
     “We are excited to add the DUOSEAL watertight assembly to our innovative product line. This product can be used in conjunction with our STORMSURGE® Access Assembly to direct where the overflow will discharge within a system.” said Thomas Teske, EJ Vice President and General Manager.  “Of course, no one wants an overflow, but we think it’s better if you’re able to direct where an overflow happens.”
    The DUOSEAL has a ductile iron cover and gray iron frame. It features stainless steel bolting, closed pick bars, dual 3/8" diameter neoprene o-rings and is available in a 30" clear opening with 4 1/2" frame height. Special lettered covers, custom logo covers, and security bolting are available. 
    Made and assembled in the USA. We Cover Your Infrastructure®.


    Keep your covers where they belong....

  • During a major rain or tidal event, the water pressure can be powerful enough to force up and dislodge a manhole cover. This creates a hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. The STORMSURGE Access Assembly solves this problem by allowing water to flow. During a storm surge or backflow event, the cover can lift up to 16°, enabling water to flow out and relieve the pressure. The locking arm and hinge restrain the cover and allow it to properly seat itself after the event.

    Made in the USA, it is traffic rated and exceeds the 40,000-lb proof loading requirements of AASHTO-M-306.


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