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GPS Networking, Inc. is the world's leading provider of GPS/GNSS signal distribution products and indoor GPS testing for your gps enhanced equipment. Our solutions enable you to effectively distribute the GPS/GNSS signal throughout your facility.  We are continually expanding and improving our line of products to allow you to design the GPS/GNSS network that meets your application needs, whether be Utilities, Mapping and Surveying, Public Safety, Manufacturing, Telecom, Military or Aviation & Aerospace. 


We would love to connect with you. Our company has the experience and expertise needed to create customized GPS solutions for your application. Please visit our website at or call us at 1-800-463-3063 or 719-595-9880 to discuss your project and discover how we can help your organization.

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  • Design your GPS signal distribution network with GPS Networking

    PUEBLO WEST, CO- GPS Networking has been a pioneer in the GPS signal distribution industry for over 25 years.  We have been consistently working to better provide you with a GPS signal in whatever way you need.  We sell splitters, amplifiers, filters, and our re-radiating kits that we can utilize to effectively deliver the GPS signal in whatever form you need.

    Custom Designs Available

    Reach out to our expert technical support team and we will be able to help you design a GPS signal distribution network that meets all of your needs.  Our team has designed just about every type of GPS network imaginable and will be able to assist you in designing whatever type of network you require at no cost.  All we will need from you is:

    • A basic description of your space with size and any visible obstructions.

    • An estimated cable length to get from the roof into the space.

    From there we will provide you with a basic design, a quote, and a link budget to show the estimated signal strength based on the provided information. 


    In most cases, one re-radiating antenna is enough to cover a 10,000 square foot building, but in some cases, the area has some visible obstructions or multiple spaces need to be covered by the signal from one antenna.  In these cases, we will provide a system design that utilizes multiple splitters, amplifiers, and other devices to effectively cover the entire space with the GPS signal.  A simple example of this would be a large GPS test lab with 8 testing areas.  In this scenario, we would split the antenna signal using our 8-way GPS signal splitter, pass that signal to each of the rooms, amplify and re-broadcast the signal.  We would then estimate the signal strength and if it is too weak or too strong, we would adjust the gain on the amplifier or splitter depending on which works better for the system.  

    About GPS Networking, Inc.

    GPS Networking is a small veteran-owned business located in Pueblo West, Colorado. GPS Networking is the world’s leader in supplying GPS signal distribution products.  We have over 25 licensed Distributors worldwide and have been helping our customers effectively distribute GPS signals for over 25 years.  The owner of GPS Networking invented the GPS re-radiating kit in the early ’90s and has developed a line of products that make networking the GPS signal building block simple. The simplicity, efficiency, and quality of its products have made them a major supplier for cellular infrastructure, worldwide military applications, and all facets of public safety, including but not limited to signal acquisition. GPS Networking is AS9100 certified.

    Contact: Ruth Mace, Sales, GPS Networking Inc., Phone: 719-595-9880 or toll free: 1-800-463-3063,



    The Hangar GPS RE-RADIATING KIT (HNRRKIT) is a complete re-radiating system that allows reradiation of the GPS L1 signal indoors....

  • The Hangar GPS RE-RADIATING KIT (HNRRKIT) is a complete re-radiating system that allows reradiation of the GPS L1 signal indoors. The HNRRKIT consists of an active roof antenna, a re-radiating amplifier with a wall mount plug-in transformer that powers the entire system, and a passive re-radiating antenna.
    The GPS L1 signal from the roof antenna is amplified and radiated indoors. Thus, if a receiver has line of sight with the re-radiating antenna, it can receive the GPS signal indoors up to 100 feet away. This allows for not losing track of vehicles indoors.
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