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Berntsen International, Inc. has been specializing in “Marking the Infrastructure of the World” since 1972. Our award-winning InfraMarker® system connects RFID asset identification to GIS systems using a simple mobile app. This system identifies and verifies each asset and connects that location to virtually unlimited data. The availability of this information both in the field and in the office can help reduce long-term operating costs and improve data quality by streamlining the inspection, maintenance and management of water infrastructure assets.

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InfraMarker for Water Utility Asset Management

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  • MADISON, Wisc. — Berntsen International, the leader in infrastructure marking solutions, today announced that InfraMarker RFID Web Widget for ArcGIS Online is now available on the Esri Marketplace.

    Utilities need better ways to locate, identify and update infrastructure asset records to fully benefit from the power of Esri’s ArcGIS tools. RFID marking of infrastructure assets directly addresses this issue by linking verified physical asset data to its specific record in ArcGIS Online. This prevents data inaccuracies while streamlining field asset maintenance, improving field ROI and enhancing regulatory compliance.

    Benefits of RFID marking of infrastructure assets -

    • Assurance of data accuracy InfraMarker RFID tags provide a digital serial number that is specific to the RFID-enabled asset. The serial number provides an accurate validation of the ArcGIS asset data through the connection of the InfraMarker RFID Web Widget.
    • Complete data Any type of asset (including underground) can be marked with durable, passive InfraMarker RFID tags. The Web Widgets tie the physical asset to its ArcGIS record and each RFID read is captured, producing an auditable asset record, enhancing regulatory compliance.
    • Improved ROI in the field RFID directly benefits field staff by eliminating the time and guesswork involved in locating specific assets. A simple RFID read accesses the right information and presents the relevant data fields within the user’s Esri Online inspection and maintenance form.  This streamlines operations while enhancing accuracy.

    As an infrastructure marking company, Berntsen has been developing smart marking products for more than a decade. Its patented InfraMarker RFID solution combines the durability and precision of all Berntsen marking products with a unique application of RFID technology specifically developed to connect physical markers with digital records.

    Berntsen’s partnership with Esri allows utilities to expand their use of ArcGIS by connecting physical asset and its data in ArcGIS. “Esri’s ArcGIS is used by utilities throughout the world to visualize, model and analyze their infrastructure assets. Berntsen’s InfraMarker RFID solution helps Esri’s customers get the most value out of ArcGIS,” said Mike Klonsinski, president of Berntsen International, Inc. “We look forward to introducing other RFID-compatible apps and software that help utility customers maximize their use of Esri platforms.”

    Go to the Esri Marketplace to learn more about how InfraMarker RFID Web Widgets for ArcGIS online can improve ROI in your utility operation.

    About Berntsen International, Inc.

    Berntsen has been a leader in the development and manufacture of infrastructure marking for nearly 50 years. We have been building that trust into every product we make, ensuring safety, precision and lasting quality for generations.

    From our advanced metallurgy and forging processes to our patented RFID-enabled smart marking apps, Berntsen is the world leader in marking solutions wherever precision and durability are essential.

    InfraMarker is a registered trademark of Berntsen International, Inc.

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  • InfraMarker® RFID Asset Management
    Extend the power, accuracy and value of GIS by connecting field assets to their specific records in GIS through RFID marking. Each asset is quickly verified, updated and tracked, saving time, improving compliance and ROI....

  • The goal for infrastructure asset management is seamless field to GIS integration. In reality, field crews face difficulty locating and verifying assets in the field and difficulty accessing and updating asset records. The result is inaccurate, incomplete data and wasted time in the field.

    InfraMarker RFID uses simple technology to resolve these issues. RFID asset markers quickly provide verified asset location and identity. RFID readers and mobile devices link the asset to its unique record in GIS, launching the specific inspection and maintenance forms for updating in the field. This connected system includes:

    • RFID markers (for use above or below ground)
    • RFID reader
    • A mobile device with Bluetooth and the InfraMarker widgets or add-ons for GIS connectivity.

    The InfraMarker RFID solution delivers seamless field to GIS integration. Contact us today for a demo or to explore our starter kits.

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