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Triverus LLC is an environmentally focused designer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced proprietary technology mobile surface cleaning systems.  Using water only the Triverus Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV) can maintain and rejuvenate clogged pervious pavement, and lift and contain adhered pollutants (fines, zinc, copper, oil and gas, nutrients) from hard surfaces before they enter your catch basins and stormwater outflows.  Get a leg up on your MS4 permit.  Check us out at and come talk to us at booth 505.

Brands: Triverus designs and manufactures environmental cleaning solutions for pervious surfaces (rejuvenation and management), lift and contain adhered solids for disposal from all hard public surfaces.

 Press Releases

  • In the summer of 2019, the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center invited Triverus to their campus in Durham, NH, to determine the effectiveness of the Triverus Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV) in cleaning and restoring percolation rates to pervious surfaces.  UNH has several generations of pervious pavements, each installed when major changes or advancement in pavement design or installation occurred.  While each plot is still in use, predictably, percolation rates deteriorated over time.  By the summer of 2019, all their pervious paved surfaces were non-functional.  Over the period of a week, the MCV performed trial cleanings on five such plots. Every treated test plot showed restoration of acceptable percolation rates, even after up to 15 years of non-functionality.  UNHSC published a full review of the process and results of testing in the parking lot of their Alumni Center.  That study is attached here.


  • Triverus Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV)
    Triverus MCV maintains and recovers pervious percolation rates reducing stormwater outflow. Enclosed high pressure wash lifts and contains adhered pollutants from streets, sidewalks and parking garages....

  • The Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV) is a highly efficient, mobile, high pressure water- only spray system that provides intense cleaning of hard surfaces.  The 60-inch cleaning path provides excellent productivity in parking facilities, hard surface maintenance, and pervious percolation rate recovery in both open and tight spaces. An optional walkaway unit extends the Triverus technology around urban obstructions.  The high flow vacuum recovery system provides excellent recovery of water and debris on grooved, solid, and pervious surfaces.  The system lifts and contains adhered solids, metals, nutrients and other pollutants from any hard surface, provides spill and environmental contaminant containment and removal from the stormwater stream to enhance MS4 programs and compliance.  The chassis is easily maintainable and enjoys nationwide support.  The Triverus system is easily removable, enabling the carrier to use over 42 other attachment packages for other daily or seasonal use.

    To view a video demonstration of the MCV in action, CLICK HERE.

    To download a brochure of the MCV CLICK HERE.

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