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Brigade Electronics is a market leader in safety devices, with solutions to suit all on and off-road vehicles.  Our wealth of experience has gained us a reputation for expertise within the industry and a knowledge of the problems our customers face.  Our range of passive and active systems are designed to reduce the risk of collisions and protect workers, pedestrians, and cyclists by assisting drivers and minimizing blind-spots.  

Brands: Backeye®360, bbs-tek® White Sound® Back-Up Alarms, Backchat® Warning Alarms, Backscan®, Frontscan®, Sidescan®, Cornerscan™, Stepscan™, and Backsense® Radar


US - Backeye®360 On-Road

 Show Specials

  • (Sep 23, 2020)
    1. 15% off QVS
    2. 15% off any MDR when purchasing any camera monitor system including our Backeye360®.
    3. And lastly, we are launching a new BRIDGE cloud service for our 4G MDR customers.  Brigade will maintain the servers and ensures the units are installed/connected for a reasonable monthly fee per vehicle.  It is a “hassle free” solution.

    The packages will include:

    Bridge View- allows fleet managers to remotely view live vehicle footage as well as other meta information such as location, speed, and G force.

    Bridge Track- allows fleet managers to only see meta data, not live footage.

    For a limited time only, Brigade Electronics Inc will waive the BRIGDE setup fee and offer a free trial period of 60 days with the purchase of any mobile digital recorder with 4G. 

 Press Releases

  • It’s a big challenge but we are on a
    mission to deliver that vision.

    Brigade is at the pinnacle of commercial vehicle and machinery blind-spot
    safety...a founder and innovator of sensing and monitoring systems that have
    helped save lives for over forty years.

    While our portfolio can be emulated, our commitment to vehicle safety, our
    reliable, trusted products and our dedicated team of experts, cannot. We
    invest in people as well as technology. Everyone in the Brigade family
    understands the life-changing significance of the products and service we
    provide and the importance of outstanding systems that work in the most
    demanding of situations.

    For the future: We will continue to inform and work with policy makers and
    industries to ensure blind-spot mitigation is effective. We will recruit the
    highest calibre people who are passionate about what we do. We will impart
    expert knowledge and advice to help customers with their challenges. We
    will always seek to innovate and bring new products to market that help
    prevent collisions and save lives. We will strive to achieve our vision of zero
    lives lost by constantly improving the safe operation of commercial vehicles
    and mobile machinery around the world.


  • Backeye®360
    Backeye®360 is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low-speed maneuvering by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in real time....

  • Brigade offers a choice of 360° technologies, both of which work with four ultra-wide-angle cameras that each covers one full side of the vehicle with a viewing angle of over 180°. High-mounted on the front, rear and sides, the calibrated cameras capture all of the surrounding area including the blind spots of the vehicle or machine.

    The four live images are simultaneously sent to an electronic control unit (ECU) where they are instantly processed, combined, blended and stitched. The distortion from the wide-angle camera lens is also corrected before delivering a clear, single, smooth, real-time image onto the driver’s monitor.

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