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ALC Schools is a nationwide student transportation solution that meets Federal, State and District compliance requirements for special needs, McKinney-Vento, ESSA, and hard to serve student trips. Our field support services, routing and optimization, student monitoring and tracking teams, and proprietary technology, bring safety and consistency to students, while saving school districts money. For more information and a free analysis of ALC's alternative transportation solution visit us at


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  • ALC Schools, the largest alternative student transportation solution in the country, supplements a school district’s existing bus system with smaller capacity vehicles used to transport their most vulnerable students. These hard to serve trips often include the most vulnerable student population including special needs, medically fragile, and those covered under the McKinney-Vento (MKV) Homeless Education Act. 

    A longtime provider to more than 400 school districts nationwide, ALC partners with districts in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and the San Antonio areas. “ALC is well versed in the transportation needs of the students in Texas,” said Josie Wilkes, Vice President of Business Development for ALC Schools. "We were here during hurricane Harvey helping districts get their students back to school, and we are here now transporting kids during this 20/21 school year." The only provider with locally based field operations teams, ALC has the ability to assign an appropriate vehicle and driver to meet the needs of the individual student providing consistency, a critical element for MKV students. “Consistency is key for MKV's, and the districts are aware that many families are facing difficult circumstances during COVID-19 and really need our services,” Wilkes said.

    The student transportation solution also allows districts the flexibility to increase or decrease their fleet size without paying for unused capacity, alleviating issues school district's are facing today. “Our pay as you go model is really a safety net for school districts. If the number of MKV families increases, we can get those kids to school no matter where they are and we execute those new routes in about a day,” said Wilkes. 

    The alternative student transportation provider has also been pivotal for districts during school closures by filling the need for urgent meal and technology deliveries to families unable to get to school. 

    About ALC Schools

    With almost two decades of experience, ALC is the pioneer and leader in alternative student transportation. ALC’s solution eases school district's transportation challenges by providing a level of unparalleled safety and consistency for their most vulnerable students including special needs, foster, MKV, and out-of-district. With field support offices nationwide, student monitoring and tracking teams, and proprietary routing technology, ALC provides individualized transportation that meets federal, state, and district requirements giving every student an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. 

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