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EqualLevel provides Districts with their own Private Marketplace with a single point of access to your approved, direct bid and cooperative supplier contracts and catalogs.  Remove paper and manual processes across the requisition-to-pay process, EqualLevel saves time and money.

EqualLevel’s Savings Advisor (ELSA) uses AI to optimize items in the shopping cart finding the best prices among all district-approved suppliers, compliance tracking ensures correct pricing.  Meet EDGAR required micro-bids with three or more suppliers, and automatically store reports.


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 Press Releases

  • ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, DECEMBER 2020 – Facing significant financial shortages and possible budget cuts, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has contracted with EqualLevel to utilize their e-Procurement Marketplace, featuring an AI-powered technology to unearth massive savings opportunities. With EqualLevel’s ELSA software in place, CPS has uncovered a staggering $250,000 in savings in just 180 days. These funds will be redirected toward the purchase of vital resources needed to ensure students and staff are supported.

    “ELSA was designed specifically to achieve these types of returns,” explained Orville Bailey, CEO, and co-founder of EqualLevel. “We are proud to partner with CPS in their quest to support students and provide the highest quality education possible.” CPS has faced significant financial shortages in 2020 and announced the possibility of major budget cuts as recently as August. With AI-powered ELSA, CPS procurement has taken a major step towards ensuring that budget dollars for goods and services are spent wisely.

    EqualLevel is a Rockville, Maryland-based technology company with over ten years of experience in e-procurement software development. EqualLevel’s ELSA (an acronym for EqualLevel Savings Advisor) allows CPS and other school districts to leverage the power of advanced data analytics and AI to achieve greater visibility into spending, unearthing critical areas where savings can be captured as employees shop. “But most importantly, ELSA captures the shopper’s justification for choices that don’t fall in line with established procurement protocols,” Eddie Potocko, EqualLevel CTO, explained. “It delivers that information in a structured report that provides just-in-time knowledge to managers.” The patent-pending, groundbreaking AI also learns and grows with the organization, offering additional insights and intelligence the more it is used. EqualLevel was founded with the goal of creating a straightforward procurement solution that helps public sector organizations streamline operations and optimize spending. EqualLevel combines the best e-procurement marketplace and e-invoicing capabilities into a single solution that is easier-to-use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than any other procurement platform available today. With deep domain knowledge in e-procurement, a best-in-class cloud platform, a fast-growing community of customers, and industry-first innovations like ELSA, EqualLevel is leading the way in helping the public sector spend smartly and save more. For more information about EqualLevel’s ELSA visit https://equallevel.com, or contact Anthony Blake at 800-818-5408 or ablake@equallevel.com.


  • Marketplace
    Over the last two decades eCommerce has grown by leaps and bounds. Today your employees expect the same ease-of-use when shopping for items for work. The EqualLevel Marketplace puts all of your digital purchasing in a single, user fiendly webiste....

  • SHOP
    Extend your ERP or Facilities Maintenance system with a single marketplace to organize and easily access all approved suppliers.  Automate shopping, order transmission, and invoice capture.  Create a consumer-like guided shopping experience with enterprise-rated controls to ensure compliance, drive productivity, and deliver hard dollar savings.

    ELSA, EqualLevel Savings Advisor, is a sophisticated AI engine paired with real-time federated search technology that identifies savings opportunities throughout the purchasing process:

    • Federated search collects product data across distributed sources
    • AI uses product data and shopper behavior to suggest savings opportunitiesELSA uses machine learning to become smarter with every purchase
    • Analyzes Search and PunchOut items
    • Suggests lower price exact matches and substitute items
    • Prompts shopper to enter a justification for a decision
    • Receive and compare quotes in the marketplace
    • Add a selected quote to a cart
    • ELSA analyzes other quotes to ensure the best value and creates 3 bids-and-a-buy reports

    EqualLevel supports a self-service environment for organizations that require the Requisition & Approval module, where your staff can easily order the products and services that they need while procurement maintains full control.

    Requisitions can be auto-approved or routed for online approval based on your business rules before anything is ordered.  Approvers are notified by email and can approve or reject Requisitions right from the body of the email notification itself or on their tablet or phone.

    Approved purchase requisitions are automatically converted to electronic orders and electronically transmitted to the supplier via cXML.  Order Confirmations and Ship Notices are available for review by the shopper in the marketplace.

  • Invoice
    With EqualLevel’s invoice approval module, you will immediately increase control overpayments, reduce data entry and document handling costs, and accelerate the invoice approval process by days....

    • cXML created reciets
    • Two and three-way invoice matching for easy approval of PO-related invoices
    • Add freight and other charges at the invoice approval stage, without having to modify the PO
    • Route invoice discrepancies for additional approvals, if necessary
    • Detailed reporting, including Accrual and Invoice Aging, reports
    • Export Approved Invoices to you’re A/P system for processing with no duplicate data entry
    • E-Archiving of invoices ensures records are available for auditors

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