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OnDataSuite offers thousands of clickable reports and the ability to create your own adhoc reports to maximize $$ and minimize accountability triggers!

  • HB 3 Funding (Outcome Bonus/ TIA coming this spring!)
  • CRDC (2021-22)
  • PEIMS/ TSDS - Edits/Reports
  • CCMR - Early Warning System
  • RDA/DVM 

NOTE: March 29th-30th OnDataSuite Conference- virtual. Contact us for more details!



OnDataSuite Overview Fun


  • OnDataSuite - OnPoint
    Research historically reported PEIMS finance, assessment and accountability data to create dynamic data driven reports. OnPoint allows LEAs to securely research, review and share their data in amazing ways....

  • OnDataSuite's OnPoint software pulls data from mulitiple locations within your data warehouse and allows you to create dynamic reports. Because PEIMS files are the foundation of our software, current year and historical data such as financial and staff records can be related into singular reports. In addition to its powerful ad-hoc reporting capeablities, OnPoint also provides hundreds of custom built data reports that deal with timely subjects such as:

    Finance Custom Reports

    Student Data Validation

    Student Custom Reports

  • OnPar
    OnPar is a powerful tool that allows you to compare your state released TAPR reported data with other districts and campuses throughout the state of Texas....

  • On Par pulls data from the state released TAPR data sets and allows you to compare district staff, student, financial, assessment and accountability data by state, region, district, and campus levels. 

    Because you can build peer lists from within any category, there are limitless reports that can be effortlessly created from OnPar. Here are a few examples:

    Compare your districts budget data to another districts data for the past 5 years.

    Review your state reported in school suspensions for the past 8 years. 

    Compare attendance projections (Refined ADA) to districts outside of your region with similar student populations and demographics for the past 5 years.

    Compare CCMR related progress state-wide or region-wide.

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