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Retirement planning can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Graduate to a smarter financial provider, and get the best retirement guidance, with Equitable. As the #1 provider of 403(b) plans in the K-12 market, we have the tools and resources available to help you reach your savings goals.


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  • EQUI-VEST Series 201 403(b)
    No matter where you are in life, EQUI-VEST® can be a smart choice that may give you a level of confidence along your path to a fulfilling future....

  • EQUI-VEST is available through the retirement savings plan offered by your employer. In the world of retirement planning, it’s called a tax-deferred variable annuity, which means your money grows tax-deferred until you’re ready to start withdrawing it in retirement. You won’t pay taxes on earnings, so your investments have the opportunity to grow more quickly than a taxable account. In addition, lower income taxes may allow you to increase your contributions and accumulate more savings. 

    It’s your plan. Customize it to meet your needs.

    Pay yourself first - Your savings are deducted from your paycheck and go directly into your account before you pay taxes.

    Manage all your retirement assets in one place - If the plan allows it, you can move retirement assets from prior retirement plans into your account.

    Choose an investment strategy to fit your needs - To support the retirement plan that’s right for you, you can choose from a wide range of investment options to match your own goals, needs and tolerance for risk.

  • Semester Strategies
    Semester Strategies is a simplified investment strategy that makes it easier to make smart choices for your future....

  • When it comes to planning for retirement, knowing the best moves to make now — and throughout your career — can be a challenge. But not so much anymore. With Semester Strategies, a simplified investment strategy available through your EQUI-VEST® variable annuity contract, you and your financial professional can easily set up a plan that reflects your needs and comfort with risk, and stays aligned with your life as your career evolves.

    Take a look at just some of the advantages:

    A simplified strategy: With Semester Strategies and the help of your financial professional, it is now easier for you to make smart choices. Wherever you are on
    your journey and whatever financial well-being means to you, your financial professional is there to meet you where you are, with conversations and options tailored to you — including your needs and financial goals, the age you plan to retire and your comfort with changes in the market.

    Designed exclusively for educators: Semester Strategies was designed with the unique retirement needs of educators and other public service employees in mind. It works alongside your pension and moves through life with you — toward the comfortable retirement you deserve.

    Evolves with you: One of the challenges in saving for retirement is finding time to periodically review your investment choices to keep them aligned with
    your life. Your financial professional is always there to help guide you, but Semester StrategiesSM adds something extra. Offered through an independent third-party fiduciary,1 Semester Strategies takes into account the need for growth potential earlier on, while monitoring and adjusting to a more conservative approach over time to help ensure you’re getting closer to your goals.

    Expert oversight at no extra cost to you: The independent third party provides oversight on your selected model portfolio at no extra cost to you and is required by law to act in your best interest.

    And enjoy 10% downside protection, with the opportunity for growth up to a cap, through the Structured Investment Option (SIO).

    Learn More: https://equitable.com/retirement/products/semester-strategies

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