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Trusted Capital Group provides valuable retirement planning and financial education solutions including retirement plan administration (457(b), FICA Alternative, 403(b), FinPath: financial wellness program, institutional advisory, wealth management, identity protection, contract consulting, and more. We are on a mission to positively impact the financial future of communities nationwide.

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  • Trusted Capital Group is proud to support Foundation 99, a nonprofit public charity.

    Building Economic Security for the 99%

    Our Mission
    We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on economic justice for every community by providing quality financial guidance and equitable access to economic solutions for every employee who wants it.

    Our Vision
    Every working person in the United States has the support they need to make the best financial decisions possible to support themselves and those they care for so that their families and their communities are healthier and more secure.

 Press Releases

  • AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TCG Advisors is proud to announce the launch of FinPath, a new workplace financial wellness program designed to empower users to approach their finances with knowledge and confidence. The national wealth gap continues to grow, and its impact on past and future generations isn't something to be ignored.

    Statistics indicate that communities and employees rarely have access to affordable financial tools, negatively impacting employee health, productivity, and turnover. Whether a single parent, a young professional, an empty-nester, or a student, our mission is to give power and equal opportunity to everyone seeking financial wellness.

    The FinPath platform analyzes each user's financial profile to determine a unique Wellness Score and provides personalized recommendations on improving it. Interactive learning modules educate users on topics like budgeting, buying a home, managing debt, saving for retirement, and more. A powerful Planning Toolkit allows users to aggregate their financial accounts under one dashboard to create better budgets. There's even a portal just for retirement and pension accounts.

    What really sets FinPath apart from other programs is the unique access to personal Wellness Coaches and Certified Financial Planners who are available to answer specific questions and give unbiased professional financial advice. In addition to having one-on-one meetings, our Wellness Coaches also teach online classes on personal finance topics relevant to everyday Americans.

    "Our mission with FinPath is to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to learn how to manage their hard-earned money," says John Pesce, CEO of TCG Advisors. "No one should have to struggle to have access to the knowledge they need to live a healthy, financially-secure life."

    Participants don't have to live paycheck to paycheck if they engage and learn with FinPath. Employers can't overlook the importance of valuing financial wellness as part of a cohesive benefits package. It's never been easier to provide a lasting impact on the community and on employees' lives. Just like health insurance empowers people to take care of themselves physically, FinPath promotes financial wellness and long-term financial security.

    FinPath is now enrolling new clients and is available for direct procurement or through the ESC Region 10 RAMS and OMNIA Partners Public Sector (subsidiary National IPA) purchasing co-ops. You can request a demo by visiting, calling 512-600-5222, or emailing

    TCG Advisors, LP is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor that provides a suite of investment and financial advisory services to both individual and institutional clients. Through dedicated work, TCG has gained the trust and respect of a loyal clientele appreciative of straight talk, risk-based decision making, and personalized service. TCG currently manages over $2 billion assets under management with 500,000 retirement plan participants. Our hands-on, team-based approach is designed to provide peace of mind in an otherwise hectic environment. TCG is headquartered in Austin, TX with advisors across the country.

    SOURCE TCG Advisors, LP

  • BOSTON & AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Salary Finance, the leading global provider of financial education and salary-linked benefits for employees, announced today that it has partnered with TCG, a provider of investment and retirement planning solutions, to deliver more affordable credit access to millions of educators and other K-12 employees across the country. The joint solution enables employees to manage financial wellness solutions from TCG and payroll-deducted loans from Salary Finance through FinPath, TCG’s workplace financial wellness program designed to empower users to approach their finances with knowledge and confidence.

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our educational system, keeping the majority of teachers and other school employees sheltered at home. In a recent survey, we found that many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck: 30 percent of Americans regularly run out of money before payday,” said Dan Macklin, CEO, Salary Finance Inc. “This partnership with TCG gives school employees access to salary-linked loans with lower interest rates. We are very excited about our partnership with TCG, a trusted partner to school districts and other industries across the country. It enables us to provide salary-linked benefits directly to TCG’s large client base, helping them achieve greater financial wellness.”

    TCG has established itself as a leader in providing financial and retirement solutions to school districts nationally, as well as other governmental and private sector employers. Enabling access to more affordable credit is an area of need for employees. In its recent study of nearly 3,000 US workers, Salary Finance found that salary-linked savings and access to affordable credit are two of the most desired benefits not currently being offered by companies.

    “Today’s increasingly complex financial environment demands an understanding of the full ecosystem. Our goal has always been to deliver the best guidance and solutions to our clients,” said Chris Jamail, CMO and Partner, TCG Group Holdings, LLP. “It’s wonderful to partner with a like-minded organization like Salary Finance that is catering to US workers and providing a truly unique offering that returns financial empowerment back to the individual and perfectly complements TCG’s already robust financial solutions.”

    TCG’s FinPath platform is built on improving financial habits allowing users to determine a unique Wellness Score and providing personalized recommendations on improving it. As a differentiator to the typical wellness platform that only includes learning modules, group workshops and budgeting toolkits, additionally, the FinPath program provides advice tailored specifically to the financial needs of the people it’s intended to serve, and delivers it in one-on-one conversations. Salary Finance’s salary-linked benefits will now be available to employees through the FinPath platform.

    About Salary Finance

    Founded in 2015, Salary Finance is an award-winning organization that partners with employers to offer financial wellness solutions that help employees improve their lives by improving their finances. A company underpinned by a social purpose, we're driven by an ambitious mission in the US: to help 10 million Americans out of debt and into savings. Salary Finance is a United Way Worldwide corporate partner and works with over 150 of the world's leading employers. To learn more, please visit Salary Finance branded loans are offered by Axos Bank®, Member FDIC.

    About TCG Group Holdings, LLP

    TCG Group Holdings, LLP is comprised of a series of companies which provide interlocking and complementary services—including institutional and individual financial planning, benefits services, retirement plan design and implementation, portfolio and investment advising, identity protection, financial consulting, and other services. For more information on TCG Group Holdings, please visit

  • House Bill 2820, passed by the 86th Session of the Texas legislature removed the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) oversight of eligible qualified 403(b) investment products.  Under Texas law and the provisions of the Vernon Statute, public schools are required to allow employees to invest with companies that

    • Are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance;
    • Meet minimum capital and surplus requirements; and, 
    • Have experience providing qualified investment products. 

    With the elimination of the TRS oversight, districts no longer have a place to direct employees for information regarding a 403(b) retirement savings account. 

    TASBO along with our partners, AIG, Equitable, Horace Mann and Trusted Capital Group (TCG) have collaboratively joined together to develop this questionnaire as a resource for Texas educators to utilize when researching 403(b) options.  TASBO has subsequently contracted with TCG to assist with collecting and managing the data for this project.  I have attached a copy of the transparency questionnaire which includes questions surrounding your company such as

    • Contact information;
    • Experience in the marketplace;
    • Enrollment options provided to employees;
    • Information regarding regulatory complaints;
    • Volume of assets managed;
    • Company rating; and,
    • Specific information related to the type of products offered.

    You can find a link to the questionnaire on our website at for you to complete.  The information you provide will be received and analyzed for accuracy and completion.  If you are not the individual most knowledgeable to answer these questions, please forward this email to the appropriate party.  Completed questionnaires will be listed on the TASBO website for employees of public schools to access at their leisure. We have begun sharing information about this project with our members and they are excited to have a resource that they can share with their employees. 

    Companies are limited to three active products in each class of services.  These active products should be those currently sold in the Texas marketplace.  You will receive the opportunity to update this information on a semi-annual basis.  However, in an effort to keep the listing from becoming so voluminous that it is unusable, TASBO will not retain legacy products on our site.

    It is important to note, that TASBO does not and will not endorse or recommend products to our public school employees and partners and that this program is completely voluntary to participate in.  Our goal is to simply provide information for employees in a transparent, usable manner with the hope of increasing investment in retirement savings accounts by Texas public school employees.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.  I hope that you choose to participate with us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • 403(b) Administration
    With decades of experience in the administration of retirement plans, TCG is committed to delivering innovative plan design, dependable investment advice, and ongoing support and education....

    • Turnkey plan implementation.  
    • Plan compliance. 
    • Audit support. 
    • Vendor oversight and management. 
    • Communication support. 
    • Plan education.
  • FICA Alternative Plan
    The 3121/FICA Alternative plan is designed to provide an individual investment plan to qualified part-time,
    seasonal, and temporary government agency employees who do not qualify for a state or government pension.


    • Employer saves the matching 6.2% Social Security contribution. 
    • Fiduciary oversight and protection by a committee of Superintendents and CFOs. 
    • Full plan administration and compliance support.
    • Professionally managed portfolio options. 
    • Turn-key implementation.

  • FinPath Financial Wellness
    FinPath is a comprehensive financial wellness solution that empowers users to make prudent financial decisions as they learn from engaging with online resources and interacting with trusted financial advisors....

  • Wellness Coaches

    TCG Financial Wellness Coaches provide ongoing support and assistance to ensure participants have a trusted resource to reach out to in times of need. They are here to help your staff every step of the way. 

    FinPath University

    Our comprehensive course curriculum encompasses a vast variety of financial literacy courses created by a team of professional Advisors.  The courses are supplemented with interactive learning modules.

    Wellness Score Tracker

    Our online platform analyzes each user to determine their individual Wellness Score and encourages them to improve it by completing financial goals and adjusting to budgets.

    Executive Coaching

    The Executive Coaching plan is designed to provide specialized assistance to your organization's top leaders through a comprehensive financial checkup. 

    Strategic Partnerships

    An additional benefit of the FinPath program is having access to strategic partners including Salary Finance, who provide salary-linked benefits for your employees.

  • Investment Advisory Services
    The Managed Asset Portfolio Program (MAPP) is a unique fixed income investment strategy tailored to the needs of institutional clients....

  • Now, more than ever it is important to develop an investment strategy given the interest rate environment. Have you considered hiring an investment adviser to assist you in managing these funds?


    Professional Management

    Afer conducting an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation, we will draft a plan for financial success. 

    Investment Expertise

    We will determine a risk-appropriate yield curve extension to help deliver increased returns. 

    Fiduciary Responsibility

    We are held by a fiduciary responsibility to act in our client's best interest. 

  • 457(b)
    The 457(b) is a voluntary retirement savings plan designed for employees of state and local governments, as well as a many tax-exempt organizations....

    • Fiduciary oversight on plan investments.
    • Employee education services.
    • Investment advisory committee made up of Superintendents and CFO’s.
    • Plan and participant reporting.
    • Tailored and streamlined implementation.
    • Plan compliance and audit support.

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