Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE)  

Scottsdale,  AZ 
United States
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SFE is a food focused, culinary-driven foodservice management company who specializes in fueling the minds and bodies of K-12 students to reach their highest potential. Our team of chefs and dietitians deliver an exceptional food experience to students through fresh, wholesome ingredients, customizable, exciting menus and innovative service. Our flexible approach includes collaborating with our partners and communities to create a unique dining program for each school. SFE partners with over 160 school districts, across 15 states to serve over 300 million meals per year.


Are you interested in a dining program that is truly tailored to your students and community? We are excited to hear more about you, your students and district, so we can partner to create a program that is uniquely built to ensure the success of your district.

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  • (Feb 18, 2021)

    Flexible service that delivers great tasting meals in and out of the school cafe.