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TASB Student & Special Education Solutions is dedicated to assisting school districts in effectively and efficiently serving students in special populations. Our customized consulting services provide valuable insight to assist districts in implementing best practices and maintaining compliance of their special education, Section 504, and English language learner programs.  With our web-based program (SMART), districts can document their student services and recoup Medicaid-eligible funds through the SHARS program.


Student Solutions and Special Education Solutions

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  • Workload Analysis, Program Review and SHARS
    Our experienced staff can help you focus on building positive outcomes for your special populations....

  • TASB Student Solutions works with distrcits to individualize supports that meet your needs in special population areas.

    Our team has extensive, practical experience in special education, Section 504, English learner, and gifted and talented programs; understands challenges you face in providing services to these students; and is committed to helping districts like yours. Our services include:
    Custom special population program reviews
    Data-based special education workload staffing analysis
     Professional development and executive coaching
     Membership that consists of model special education operating procedures, trainings, and other valuable resources in all areas of special populations.

    Many of these services are available either in-person or virtually. We are ready to work with you to identify your most pressing needs and tailor solutions to address them.

    TASB Special Education Solutions can help you optimize eligible SHARS revenue through:

    Web-based direct service documentation and reporting software

    Training and best-practice guidance

    User-friendly documentation process

    Multi-tiered SHARS administration program

    Step-by-step help with cost reporting and certification of funds

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