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COLBI | K-14 Construction Program Management Software Solutions & Support

COLBI’s mission is giving Facilities, Purchasing, and Fiscal professionals control over their capital building program. COLBI is a software and support services company that provides tools and training to manage a school district’s capital building program.  Our software tools provide seamless communication between your facilities and fiscal department and allows each department to work the way they need to. We mirror and document your district processes, internal controls, and account-code string for easy reconciliation with the district’s financial system AND we provide great reports, too!  Our software solutions act as a front-end filter to show you how each decision impacts your budget, contract, PO, and project before ever hitting the fiscal system.  This puts you in control to make informed decisions to tackle any issue before it’s too late.  COLBI has established a solid reputation for strong internal financial controls, training and informed decision making to manage large capital building programs without adding district staff. From small programs to large ones, COLBI simplifies the complex by providing tools, training, and technology in seamless synchronization with the school district/LEA.

COLBI provides tools that school districts need to hold their consultants accountable, track their progress of their plan and execute a successful bond program. Our tools were built by industry experts that stood in your very shoes as school district employees trying to manage bond programs. We’ve been there, we’ve built schools, and we’ve provided results over the past eighteen years with more than 200 school districts, and managing more than $25 billion.


What is COLBI?


  • Account-Ability
    K-12 School Bond Program Management Software and Services. The only tool for K-12 people by K-12 people that manages your entire capital facility program.

  • Account-Ability is the only tool for K-12 people by K-12 people that manages your entire capital facility program. There is no other like Account-Ability that allows your entire district team to track everything they need in one place!

    You owe it to yourself and your district to check out the only software that was designed specifically to manage bond programs for K-12 schools! 190 + California school districts can’t be wrong. They picked Account-Ability to manage their 250+ bond measures. It works, it’s easy to use, and it anticipates your bond management needs.

    Fiscal Management

    • No new coding – we utilize your existing codes
    • Reconcile easily to your fiscal system
    • Research and report quickly on a multi-year, multi-fund annualized basis over the life of your bond or program
    • Provide Fiscal & Accounting what they need, when they need it

    Program Management

    • Real time planning & budget monitoring tools that facilitate multiple scenarios
    • Your entire program in one place – no more separate spreadsheets
    • Oversight reports and more at your fingertips
    • See the impact of budget changes before they happen
    • Save significant staff time

    Project Management

    • Manage contracts, budgets,and changes
    • Complete, searchable document management and storage via our ColbiDocs add-on
    • Streamline & manage communication & approvals between the district team, contractors, consultants and the business office
    • Easily communicate your program with the Board and Community


    Reports developed and refined for nearly 20 years based on K-12 user needs from every viewpoint with multiple, saveable configurations at the ready!

  • COLBI Docs
    COLBI Docs, Account-Ability's companion, is for Document Management and Retention for your Projects using your Approval Process!...

  • COLBI Docs is an online project management tool for creating, tracking, routing, and up-to-the-minute reporting of all   documents for your capital building program. A dedicated database processes, stores, and retrieves the documents that drive your bond program. It is accessible via the web to only those you authorize.


    COLBI Docs facilitates the processes your district already uses, or wants to create, using an automated document route and storage system.


    COLBI Docs provides a central place to upload your forms and provide easy access for your team.  You can opt to allow outside team members in using controlled access, such as your architect, project inspector, project managers, and construction managers. Listed below are some of the features COLBI Docs provides your district:

    One Place

    • Can eliminate moving paper from desk to desk or via email
    • Live reporting of all processes and the current status 
    • Unlimited usersprojects and processes 
    • Provides an individualized to-do list for each user 
    • Can track and process anything you need it to: RFIs, submittals, invoices, contracts, correspondence, photos, schedule, schedules of values, change orders, pending changes, board docs, warranties, contractor’s insurance, etc. 
    • Can have a direct link with Account-Ability to share relevant data  

    With Controls

    • Facilitates the district’s workflows and processes enabling you to include outside vendors critical to your process within a controlled environment
    • Role-based security
    • Tight control of review and approval processes
    • Customizable routes to meet the needs of all projects and processes 
    • Automated logs track all aspects of your business processes 
    • Automated emails alerting members of actionable items they need to address 

    Secure Storage & Retrieval 

    • Web-based with state-of-the-art encryption
    • Automated version control of all documents 
    • Easily retrievable documents that can be sorted by project, contract, process, type, etc. 
    • Clear audit trail 
    • Flexible system to meet all of your needs 
    • Never lose a document
    • Automated data backups

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