How Onsite Physical Therapists Reduce Worker Stress

  • Room: Champagne 4
  • Session Number: PM1
Tuesday, November 02, 2021: 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM


Brian Boyle
WorkWell Prevention & Care


Workplace embedded physical and occupational therapists (PTs) engage with workers, supervisors and safety professionals during ergonomics or rounding activities, to promote injury prevention through collaborative problem-solving. When a worker is injured, they can face significant life disruption. This may be a new experience, which brings on significant stress. There can be uncertainty on how workers’ compensation “works”, family plans are disturbed, and more. Worker thoughts and fears impact behavior and can delay return to work. When there is a familiar face, an onsite PT, for workers to go to for help and advice regarding injuries, there is less worry. PT can use teachable moments to help employees prevent and deal with injuries and enjoy life. This session will discuss common concerns workers have when injured and how an onsite PT can help reduce stress.


Learning Objectives

Understand onsite PT provider’s role in reducing employee stress regarding injuries using the NIOSH Total Worker Health Model

Learn how onsite PT providers help injured workers protect healing and allow them to continue to work with individualized care based on specific injury, guidance on ergonomic changes, or temporary work adjustments

Knowledge of tactics onsite PT providers use for return-to-work planning, including support during the transition back to work and modifying tasks