Back to the Future with Twitch & PBE | A Work From Home Success Story

  • Room: Champagne 2
  • Session Number: PM5
Wednesday, November 03, 2021: 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM


Carson Hackett
Sr Manager Global Workplace
Twitch Interactive
Greg Nguyen
Workplace Coordinator
Twitch Interactive
Vivienne Fleischer
PBE President & Co-Founder
Performance Based Ergonomics


When COVID-19 hit, their existing ergonomics program was focused on the office and like so many companies, the overnight shift from working in the office to working from home caught them off-guard and unprepared. Suddenly, employees were working on their beds, coffee tables, dresser tops, in closets, on yoga mats, couches and many other makeshift options. With the support of leadership, and through their partnership with Performance Based Ergonomics, Twitch quickly mobilized and launched a global ergonomics program to help employees transition. In less than a year, all employees were provided with ergonomic education and over 2/3's of employees received virtual ergonomics help, with a 98% satisfaction rate and no disruption to business. This case study will present the successes, challenges and lessons learned, serving as a blueprint to navigate the future of the workplace which will include working in the office, WFH and the ermerging hybrid work model that is taking hold.


Learning Objectives

Identifying and planning for ergo needs in changing work environments. (i.e., mixture of WFH, the office, hybrid work model, space planning etc.)
Leveraging technology to adapt your ergonomic needs in real-time, provide online education, self-assessments, virtual assessments, metrics to measure the efficacy of programs, etc.)
Implementation of ergonomic education and awareness campaigns, communication with employees and leadership to ensure that your programs are current and effective.