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Empowering those who transform the way the world works.
We are the global enterprise EHS software provider that develops industry leading technology. We make it easy to harness the power of our software to create higher levels of operational and sustainable performance to help people and businesses thrive.


  • CorityOne™
    One platform. Better business performance....

  • CorityOne™ is our integrated SaaS platform spanning the full spectrum of Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality, and Analytics across your organization to help your people and business thrive. Delivered through a unified experience, our uniquely intelligent  EHSQ software is powerful and configurable — providing greater flexibility, improving collaboration, amplifying business intelligence and performance, and reducing the burden of managing multiple solutions.
  • Health Cloud
    Modular, purpose-built solutions to meet your needs...

  • Cority Health Cloud, from the CorityOne™ platform, is the most comprehensive set of modular health solutions designed to protect your most valuable asset – your workforce. Cority’s purpose-built solutions are designed, deployed, and supported by experts that have walked in your shoes. Designed for Occupational Health professionals, Industrial Hygienists, Health Teams, as well as for Hospitals & Clinics, Cority Health Cloud solutions empower your organization to go beyond regulatory compliance and bolster worker health, streamlining your processes, centralizing your data, and ensuring your workforce performs at its productive best.
  • RSIGuard
    Stay Healthy And Productive With RSIGuard...

  • Go beyond self-assessments with an award-winning office ergonomic solution that encourages behavior change to reduce the risk of discomfort and ergonomic injury. With smart break reminders, features like AutoClick and KeyControl are designed to reduce repetitive motions, and our virtual ErgoCoach that offers recommendations from stretching to workstation design, we provide your employees with the most advanced tools to proactively mitigate office ergo risks, improve health, and optimize productivity.