Ergonomyx Technologies Canada Inc.  

Victoria,  BC 
  • Booth: 429

Ergonomyx Technologies Canada Inc. is a Canadian startup located on Vancouver Island. Our mission is to make fitness as easy and accessible as possible by integrating it into one of the most time-consuming, and least active, parts of the day - office work! Our entire suite of products works together to provide all the tools you need to stay active while working. Our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike and Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk integrate with our mobile app and keep you motivated with achievements, reminders, and friendly competition. We’ve also just released our new Universal Smart Desk Controller to make ANY electric adjustable desk a smart desk that can integrate with our ecosystem! You evolved to move - it’s time your workspace did too.


Ergonomyx Bike and Standing Desk


  • Smart Under the Desk Bike
    Burn calories and improve mood while working with this easily stored office exercise bike....

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  • Smart Sit and Stand Desk
    A sleek and sustainable bamboo desk with touches height adjustment....

  • The Ergonomyx Smart Sit and Stand Desk truly transforms your desk into a workstation. Enjoy a beautiful bamboo finish and smooth touchless height adjustment to transition from sitting to standing. Need a reminder to stand every day? The Ergonomyx app can set routines to make sure you stand regularly. Connect to the app to also view time standing, compete with friends, earn achievements, and more!