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Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of services and technology available, a nationwide network of local professionals, affordable solutions and customized programs, and responsive and collaborative experts. As a one-stop injury prevention solution provider, we empower you to take control of injuries and their related costs.

We are the leading injury prevention and management service and technology provider for the transportation, manufacturing, construction, distribution, warehousing, utility, healthcare, and office environments. We help you build an injury prevention program that is simple, economical, and effective.

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions helps you hire more effectively, avoid injuries, and get injured employees back to work quickly and efficiently. From one employee to tens of thousands of employees, Atlas can design and implement a program that fits the needs of your organization, anywhere and everywhere.


  • AtlasWork™
    A web-based, user-friendly solution that helps you more accurately understand and manage the job requirements, ergonomic risks, and job demand restrictions every physically demanding job has....

  • Eliminating injuries and associated costs in manufacturing and industrial environment has its challenges: inadequate understanding of the physical requirements of each job, high injury risk potential, and an ineffective integration of injured workers back into the workforce. These challenges can be further compounded by a lack of buy-in and participation from key stakeholders (human resources, operations, safety, loss prevention, and workers’ compensation).  AtlasWork™ provides a simple, fully integrated approach to overcome these challenges.

    AtlasWork™ eliminates silos by providing vital job information to the various groups in your organization. The information can be used for hiring, training, risk management, workers’ compensation…the uses are endless.

    AtlasWork™ creates the flow of information by providing controlled access to approved internal and external resources such as:

    • Corporate safety, human resources, and return-to-work experts
    • Occupational health clinics, case managers, ergonomists, and physical therapists

    AtlasWork™ also helps you measure the performance of your injury management and prevention program through dashboards that:

    • Measure and monitor program performance, including incident rates and costs, employee discomfort, ergonomic risk, and program status
    • Analyze key metric data by department, job, body part, etc. to better understand what drives performance.

    Want to know how AtlasWork™ can help you prevent risks and losses in your operations?  Stop by booth 215 and learn more. 

  • AtlasOffice™
    AtlasOffice™, our web-based office ergonomic software system, takes the pain out of office ergonomics....

  • We understand that trying to manage an office ergonomics program can be a headache.  Our AtlasOffice™ software focuses on two key points. 

    Self-Assessment and Training is a Solution

    For low- and moderate-risk office employees, a simple and focused self-assessment and training can help them avoid injury risk and stay productive. AtlasOffice™ helps you address their needs by:

    • Completing a baseline self-assessment through a configurable 10-minute online survey
    • Providing customized training and a learning verification and reinforcement tool to ensure they understand what they need to
    • Providing specific recommendations (both for existing equipment adjustments and/or new products) based on their survey responses

    With a small investment of time and money, most of your employees will know more, feel better, and stay productive.

    People in Real Pain Need Real People

    For higher-risk office employees, we believe software alone has its limitations and human interaction is needed for success. The challenge, however, is controlling the cost of external services or enabling internal “non-expert” support staff. AtlasOffice™ helps you by:

    • Identifying employees who need telephone or on-site support through the survey or by direct request
    • Allowing employees to upload pictures and videos to support distant analysis by ergonomic resources
    • Providing a proven online report format to make telephonic or on-site assessments faster, easier, and more accurate
    • Guiding and simplifying recording and tracking closure of recommendations
    • Providing you unlimited follow-up surveys to help monitor risk and verify you’ve solved the problem

    Through a combination of software and a personal touch, both your employees and your budget will feel cared for.

    AtlasOffice™ is designed to provide you complete control of your office ergonomic program and there are no startup or annual fees. Costs are based on the number of employees who are provided access. Plus, if you’re a large organization exclusively using Atlas for telephonic and onsite assessments, AtlasOffice™ can even be free. 

    Stop by booth 215 to learn more.

  • Atlas STM
    Soft tissue massage, as one component of an Early Intervention program, can help an employer effectively address 90 - 95% of musculoskeletal discomfort without medical treatment and a recordable injury....

  • What is Soft Tissue Massage?

    Soft tissue massage is an established standard of care to manage musculoskeletal discomfort. The practice relieves discomfort through mobilization of soft tissue. This intervention improves tissue mobility and blood flow, and decreases progression of the issue to a recordable claim.  Because this technique is included within the OSHA-defined first aid standard, it does not constitute medical care.

    How is Atlas STM® Different?

    First, our staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers who are formally medically trained to assess the risk of the situation and correctly determine the proper course of action.  They specialize in musculoskeletal issues and are able to decide if soft tissue massage or any first aid intervention is appropriate, or if an employee needs medical care.

    Second, you have the option to use Atlas STM® as either a stand-alone solution or as a component of our broader suite of Early Intervention services.  Our staff is trained to not only provide care through massage, but also other first aid techniques.  In addition, they can address the root cause of the concern through a workstation assessment, job coaching, and ergonomics.  We can help you move beyond reactionary intervention to a proactive approach that prevents injuries.

    Who Benefits?

    Any employee experiencing an increased awareness of heaviness, tightness, fatigue, or discomfort can benefit from Atlas STM®.  The cause may be related to awkward positions, highly repetitive work, age-related degeneration, or overexertion.  By providing first aid care early, progression is halted or slowed and medical treatment and recordability can be avoided.

    Stop by booth 215 and let's discuss workplace injury prevention and our soft tissue management program.