National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference

presented by Risk & Insurance

Break Down RTW Obstacles and Build Light Duty That Works

  • Room: South Pacific F
  • Session Number: CR2
Wednesday, October 20, 2021: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Christine Nickloes
Operations Manager
Rob Robison
Risk Manager
Roto Rooter


During the COVID pandemic, light duty work for injured workers has been a challenge for many employers. In this session, you’ll learn strategies to locate light duty work within your organization and review alternative light duty options you can bring onsite. You will also pick up the tools to write a successful return to work policy that incorporates onsite and offsite transitional light duty opportunities. Roto Rooter, a large national plumbing company, will review how their company struggled with RTW and the changes they implemented internally to accommodate almost 99% of their field employees work restrictions. Presenters will share case studies showing the impact early RTW has on your workers' compensation premiums.


Learning Objectives

• Define common mistakes when offering transitional light duty and review how these mistakes can impact overall claim outcomes, recognizing jurisdictional rules and regulations as it pertains to RTW
• Acquire the tools to write a successful RTW policy that incorporates onsite and offsite transitional duty options
• Understand how to use tools and formulas to measure RTW Results