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Get it right the 1st time with the highest quality scan and fellowship trained, sub-specialized radiology read
Authentic4D (A4D) has unrivaled radiology and technology expertise, resulting in the only Dx network that guarantees a high quality scan and fellowship trained radiologist read on 100% of claims, resulting in substantially better diagnostic accuracy, more streamlined treatment protocols and improved risk management. 

The workers compensation industry spends more than $35 billion on medical spend.  While diagnostics represent only $1 billion (3%) of medical spend, the words furnished on a radiology report such as "tear" or "herniation" can have substantial downstream medical implications.  

The quality and accuracy of a diagnostic is driven by the expertise of the radiologist and the quality of the MRI machine.  Clinical studies consistently show a 30% accuracy differential between having a general radiologist ("jack of all trades") reviewing the films, vs. a fellowship trained, sub-specialized radiologist (a "specialist").  

Authentic4D is the leader in clinical accuracy and quality diagnostics.  A4D is the only company with an end-to-end controlled diagnostic framework, enabled by A4D's digital connectivity with its imaging partners and management of its own, in-house fellowship trained, sub-specialized radiologist team. 


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