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The Original Nicotine Toothpick--since 2013.

Pixotine are the world's first nicotine infused toothpicks--manufactured in-house since 2013.  FDA Registered establishment and products.  Designed to be a great alternative to cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and vape/ecig products that can be used anywhere.  Pixotine nicotine toothpicks use high quality USP grade nicotine and come in multiple flavors.  Our product goes through 3rd party lab testing for unbiased confirmation of quality control.  2 Patents Pending.

"I dipped and smoked for 16 years and had studied organic chemistry and neurobiology.  I came up with this idea for my own needs.  Instantly I knew others would want it too.  It feels good to help people."  -Evan Grossman, CEO and Founder

Brands: Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks


  • Pixotine -- Nicotine Toothpicks
    Pixotine, The Original Nicotine Toothpick, are the world's first nicotine toothpick brand--since 2013. Pixotine are available in Winter Ice, Cinnamon and Tobacco flavors....

  • Pixotine nicotine infused toothpicks come in packs of approximately 15 toothpicks.  Each toothpick has ~3.0 mg of nicotine.  Pixotine are available in Winter Ice, Cinnamon and Tobacco flavors.  We provide our retailers and distributors with a 3-tiered POS display rack and 6" x 6" Push/Pull Door Clings at no additional cost.