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  • MVP


    At just around 2" in length, the sleek, black MVP Vaporizer is perhaps the most pocket-friendly oil vape yet. A 1.8mm tank-style cartridge utilizes a wickless coil designed for smooth, flavor-rich rips. The fill port is compatible with oil concentrates of thick or thin consistency, offering more versatility than the average oil vaporizer. A powerful 500mah battery heats to 15W in just seconds. For preparing thicker concentrates, the MVP Vaporizer offers a pre-heat setting.


    While most oil vaporizers feature closed tanks, the MVP has an open-view glass tank so you can see how much oil you have left. The wickless atomizer is engineered for flavor-extraction, thoroughly heating oil concentrates to make the most of every milligram. With universal 510-threading, the MVP Vaporizer is compatible with most 510-threaded atomizers at or under 10mm. The MVP wick is composed high-grade materials that vaporize concentrates with efficiency. Each rip is comfortable, flavor-rich, potent, and aromatic. Designed for connoisseurs who want quality and portability, the MVP extracts intense flavor-notes from concentrates without causing combustion, ensuring a smooth, satisfying experience every session.


    The MVP Vaporizer hides completely in your palm, enabling the utmost stealth and convenience. Light as a feather, you can carry it in your pocket and never notice it's there. Despite the small size, the MVP offers advanced features. A 10-second auto-shutoff preserves oil and battery power while preventing damage to the coil. A rapid 15W heat up lets you take quick rips on-the-fly. For thicker oils, you can turn the unit on with 5 quick clicks, then press the button once to begin preheating. When the thick oil has reached a thinner consistency, simply click once more to turn off preheating, then hold down the button to vape.


    Engineered for smooth, potent rips on-the-go, the MVP portable vaporizer features a tiny but mighty battery that packs a whopping 500mAh of power despite its small size. With 15W of maximum output, the MVP is capable of producing surprisingly full-bodied vapor clouds that you wouldn't expect from a compact device. The built-in battery can be quickly recharged via USB to keep your sessions going. The MVP boasts direct voltage output, so it's always ready to vape on a moment's notice. Enjoy lengthy continuous use and quick recharges that accommodate your busy day-to-day lifestyle. 


    Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, the MVP makes vaping concentrates a breeze. Simply turn on the MVP by clicking the power button five times rapidly. This will unlock the device. Hold the down the power button to fire the coil and begin vaping instantly. For thicker oils, the MVP vape features a preheating function. Simply unlock the vaporizer then quickly press the button twice to preheat. Three clicks will change your temperature. Once your concentrate has melted to the perfect consistency, press the button again to end preheating. Once you're done vaping, you can lock the MVP vaporizer by clicking the power button five times. With simple controls, you can get the most out of your concentrates effortlessly. Just sit back and enjoy your session! 

    The MVP vaporizer offers the ultimate pocket-friendly oil vaping experience, delivering smooth rips with a super compact design that won't blow your cover.

    Features and Specs:


    Micro USB charging

    Designed for Oil&Wax

    High Rate Discharge Lithium Battery

    Ultra Portable Stealth Design

    Submerged Atomizer Design

    Nice insicator for Voltage and Power

    Compatible with All 510 thready tank


    510 Threaded

    Output Wattage: 15W

    Built-in 500mAh Battery

    Preheat Function

    Battery Life Indicator Light

    Wickless Atomizer System

    Ceramic Tip


    Fancyli Wickless 510 Cartridge x 1

    Fancyli wax tank W1 x 1

    Fancyli MVP Vape x 1

    Side Micro USB Charging Port x 1

    Mageneto connector x 2