Three Kings Products

Watertown,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 7011

Three Kings is the world leader incense supplier.

In 1936 the company Rene Schönefeld was founded by a Dutch pharmacist’s son who provided incense to many parishes in the south of Holland.
By staying focused on product quality, Three Kings Incense soon became the leading incense producer in the world. Clean burning charcoal briquettes are needed to melt and release the rich fragrance of incense. This was the inspiration that spurred on the development of the current Three Kings Charcoal Briquettes. More recently because of the lack of odor and consistently long burning time, Three Kings’ quality briquettes were discovered to be a great ignition source for tobacco in water pipes.
Our office and production location are situated in the south of the Netherlands. Because René Schönefeld is still a family run company, communication lines are short and the company can quickly adapt to changing market needs. René Schönefeld’s vision is for the customer to have a perfect experience while using Three Kings products. To this end - delivering top notch product with a strong focus on quality, reacting to market changes and working together with our customers are our priorities.

Brands: Three Kings Products, & René Schönefeld Incense and Charcoal Manufacturing.


  • Three Kings 33MM & 40MM Charcoal
    33MM & 40MM Quick-Lite Charcoal...

  • Three Kings Charcoal briquettes made in Holland since 1956, by René Schönefeld Incense and Charcoal Manufacturing. Experience the finest in shisha charcoal.