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Welcome to VapingFans Booth 3136 Smoking Enthusiast !

Vpaingfans technology co ltd is specialized in electronic cigarette and its accessories  manufacturing, our products line including: vaporizer,vaporizer accessories ,atomizers and other smoking related products 

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  • Vaporizer water attachment
    Vaporizer water attachment including:glass adapter ,glass mouthpiece,glass bubbler straw ,3d flow booster. with these attachement, smoker coould get pure and cool vapor, which greatly enhanced smoking experience....

  • Vapingfans team have our own glass factory and as enthusiast, we developed lot vaporizer accessories for world most popular vaporizer on current market. At same time we also works on vaporizer with our creative design, and would bring more better vape experience for smokers.

    The Bubble Straw is a great solution for adding water filtration to your vape too, Bubble Straw has the bowl built right into it, so you don't need a separate adapter and a water piece, this Bubble Straw has everything you need for a 1-piece solution and it  will help to condition the vapour, cooling it down and making it easier on your throat

    The adapter fits directly into your vaporizer, replacing the traditional stem.  It is very easy to install on your device, and it's just as easy to remove (it has a tight fit, heat your device before you place it into your vaporizer for the first time).  Once it's installed, you can use your vape with a water tool!  Water-filtered vapour is cooler and it allows you to take larger hits, it's amazing what your device can do with one of these. The adapter has a 14mm or 18mm male joint, so you can plug this directly into a 14mm female joint or 18mm female joint on your water tool.

    The glass mouthpiece really enhances your vape experience, and it has the same form and function as the original was much more clear and could help you gain pure taste of vapor too..   

    As an new enterprise, VAPIGNFANS strives to bring purest vape experience to smokers around the world. At present, we not only provide standard products, but also customized services, such as vaporizer glass accessories ,For example, vaporizer's glass accessories, such as glass mouthpiece, glass bubbler, glass adapter. flow stem. Only you. Any idea. We will try our best to satisfy with professionalism. At same time we also provide new ODM, OEM services. as a smoker, Enthusiast, if you have some good suggestions, you are welcome to contact us to improve and innovate more good products. we understand the diverse needs of market products, so we try our best to meet various end-users, maximize the value of enterprises and human smoking health.