Dongguan Mysmok Electronic Technology Company Limited

Dongguan,  Guangdong 
  • Booth: 9028

Welcome to MySmok.

We started the business in smoke-free products in 2010 and entered e-cigarettes business in 2013.We've been partnering with overseas customers,building the USA e-cigarette brand which has won reputation from consumers worldwide now.We now have iSMOD I, iSMOD II and Nikipod.

Brands: MySmok and Nikipod.


  • iSMOD I
    iSMOD I Tobacco Heating Device 650mAh...

  • iSMOD I is our first tobacco heating device. The specially-designed tobacco stick is inserted into the holder, then the built-in heat blade will heat the tobacco up to 320℃ within 15s.

    iSMOD I delivers a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor. Since it heats not burns tobacco, there is no ash, tar or second-hand smoke. It significantly reduces harmful chemicals compared to traditional tobacco products.