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GIMA TT supplier of assembly filling and packaging machines

GIMA TT is an Italian company manufacturing innovative packaging lines for tobacco products and machines specifically designed for assembly, filling and packing Next Generation Product, both with tobacco (like Heat-Not-Burn) and without tobacco (like vaping and e-cigarettes).

Brands: GIMA TT


    Solutions for Impeccable modular machines, custom-designed upon configuration with a large number of active stations, as requested by each client so to answer specific needs....

  • Easy system personalization to support and handle all types of e-cigarettes components, with easy and fast changeover.

    The machinery portfolio includes a wide range of solutions basing on the requested production volumes, from an entry level easy to use filling/capping PILOT machine to an ultra high speed solution capable to produce up to 1.500 pods/cartridges per minute.

    The EC-LINEAR high capacity machine is a servo-driven indexing motion assembly platform, ideal for the large scale manufacturing of complex market-ready products; great number of stations available upon configuration and integrated filling module.

    Comprised of a linear transfer system made of several working stations on specific slabs, secured through customized conveyors, on which each product is safely placed in dedicated fixtures, allowing the handling of several components for each step. Fully reconfigurable synchronized servo-driven indexing system. Modular design for increased versatility and ensured smooth functionality up to 80 cycles per min. State-of-the-art platform with <50 μm accuracy, and from 600 products per minute up to 1.500 ppm speed.

    The EC-FLEX ROTARY is comprised of a brushless-motor-driven rotary table. Nests are fixed on the table so to ensure product stability through customized fixtures holding each product in place. Fully reconfigurable, synchronized servo-driven indexing system, with modular design granting maximum flexibility and smooth functionality up to a maximum speed of 80 cycles per min.

    An incredibly precise and versatile platform, with an accuracy of < 50 μm, and production speed ranging from 200 to 400 ppm. Sturdy electro welded steel mainframe and unprecedented capacity for the handling of multiple components for each step.

    The EC-PILOT is an entry level point for the electronic cigarette/pod systems filling and capping automation, the EC-PILOT Low Volume platform is the highly flexible answer for customers seeking efficiency and cost-effective filling operations, with a chance of merging semiautomatic and fully automatic work stations.

    The key reason behind this platform’s ultimate flexibility is its ability to integrate semi-automatic and fully automatic stations, with simplified servo-controlled tooling, and can operate at a speed identical to those required for high-volume production, thus transferring de-risked validated technology directly to highspeed lines.

    This entry level platform is ideal for customer looking for a solution to manufacture high quality products, with an accuracy of <50 μm, and speed from 20 products per minute up to 50 ppm.