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legal lean

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 9063

Legal lean is a a market leader in mood enhancement products

Legal Lean is a market leader in the mood enhancement and alternative culture section. our claim to fame is legal lean relaxation syrup

Legal Lean Relaxation Syrup 2Oz Shot Grape And Cherry

Legal Lean Natural Cone Leaf Wraps (No Tobacco)

Legal Lean Disposable Vape Pod Device (No Nicotine)

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  • Legal Lean Collection
    Legal Lean Syrup is a new, mood-enhancement drink made to help consumers unwind after a stressful day.
    Legal Lean Grape And Cherry...

  • What is Legal Lean Syrup!

    Legal Lean Syrup is a new, mood-enhancement drink made to help consumers unwind after a stressful day. Our natural relaxation dietary supplement comes in a 2oz shot and comes in grape and cherry flavor syrup. Consumers that use our product tend to mix it with sprite and put it in a double styrofoam cup and sip the purple beverage slow. The sprite and the double cup is the part of the ritual that has been a trend common in the hip hop culture. The effect of our syrup is a nice calming and relaxation feeling and eventually the person consuming it will fall asleep and sleep a nice restfull sleep and wake up feeling refreshed

    Our Beginnings...
    The Dawn of The “Lean Culture” Legal Lean is an urban lifestyle brand which was glamorized through hip hop culture and word of mouth marketing. Since the early
    2000s the syrup Sippin lean culture has been  common part of the hip hop culture especially in Houston, TX as well as the Southeastern States in the United states. Over the past years it has been very common for hip hop artists to “pour up a deuce” a syrup combo mix in a Styrofoam double cup and mix it with sprite and a jolly rancher candy.) They would slowly sip the concoction over a period of an hour and after a while it would give them a very relaxing, floaty and sedative effect. Eventually they may become soooo relaxed that they would fall asleep to an almost dream like state. The purpose of the sprite and the jolly ranchers is to mask the medicinal taste of the mixture. The double Styrofoam cup is used to keep the ice and concoction colder for prolonged periods of time. This way it can be sipped slowly without the ice melting and watering it down.This culture trend has continued and spread from the 2000s hip hop culture to present-day.
    Lil Wayne, and Future into more mainstream America.

    The Brief History of Legal Lean Syrup

    Legal Lean was formulated back in 2015. It was created as a an herbal, relaxation alternative culture lifestyle product. Our vision was to create something that was relaxing and sedating but not addictive. Legal Lean is formulated to be safe and not subject to abuse. To help curb abuse, Legal Lean is only produced as a 2oz 1-2 serving pre-dosed shot.Legal Lean for Relaxation and Sleep Millions of Americans suffer from stress,anxiety and sleep issues. Poor sleeping habitsare main underlying issues for poor health and inconsistent work and life balance. Legal Lean when taken at night, has been reported to help andcan help users unwind, ease their mind. People report waking up and feeling refreshed. A dose of Legal Lean at night resets the body and mind for the next day

    “An established front line counter culture and mood enhancement brand that offers a constant flow of new and unique high margin products that support your success."
    We Established Ourselves in the Industry with Our Syrup, but have Grown Our Brand Outside the “Lean” Box with Alternative Legal Lean Culture and Branded Products. Legal Lean has grown outside the lines of a standard product offering. We have a pulse on alternative and urban culture and are constantly developing and placing new product sales opportunitiesthat fit into the overall Legal Lean brand. Today the brand includes a wide range of products including natural leaf cones and vape pod devices 

    Legal Lean New Flavor "Blue Raspberry"

    Legal Lean Disposable Vape Pod Device (No Nicotine)

    It contains a vapable sleep blend with melatonin to aid with sleep and relaxation.

    Legal Lean's new Disposable Vape Pod Device is stylish and portable, attaching to a keychain lanyard for an on-the go-lifestyle. The vape pod contains a vapable sleep blend with melatonin to aid with sleep and relaxation. The blend contains no nicotine and is legal in all 50 states. The pod holds approximately 300 breaths, which could amount to a 30-day supply of the sleep aid. It also comes with our signature keychain lanyard as an added value to our customers

    Legal Lean Natural Cone Leaf Wraps (No Tobacco)

    Legal Legans new offering of our organic cone leaf wrap. We offer our consumers a non tobacco "better for you" option that can still be used to fill herbal smoke blends. Our leaf wraps are made from a (biddi leaf), which is native of india. Our leaves are organic and hand rolled and contain no tobacco or other carcingens. Our cones are extra slow burning and help to maintain a nice flavor and pleasuring experience. They come in grape and natutal They also come in two sizes the minis (88mm) and the king size (120mm) with 3pks and 5pk varities

    For More Information Check out  

    Legal Lean Co
    (408) 883-5326

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