SILVERBACK Intense Spitless Dip

Bradenton,  FL 
United States
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SILVERBACK is the spitless dip with next-level intensity.

SILVERBACK is the spitless tobacco dip brand that delivers balanced, next-level intensity in a small pinch, because of its signature, naturally strong Rustica tobacco blends.  It is unlike any other dip on the market today!

SILVERBACK Key Benefits:




  • SILVERBACK Intense Spitless Tobacco
    SILVERBACK is available in 4 intense moist snuff tobacco blends to deliver next-level satisfaction to dippers everywhere - GREEN, CLASSIC, DARK and BOLD.


  • SILVERBACK Intense Spitless Tobacco blends contain a variety of hand-selected Rustica tobaccos, water and food-grade ingredients, and are currently available in 4 moist snuff tobacco blends:

    GREEN (25g) - Cool Tobacco Profile
    CLASSIC (25g) - Mellow Tobacco Profile
    DARK (20g) - Rich Tobacco Profile
    BOLD (20g) - Robust Tobacco Profile

    SILVERBACK dip blends are crafted to bring a next-level experience to dippers everywhere:

    - INTENSE: Uniquely crafted with naturally stronger Rustica tobaccos.

    -SPITLESS: Blended to deliver maximum tobacco enjoyment, while leaving the old-school hassle of spitting behind.

    -DISCREET: A small pinch, along with the spitless benefit and a smaller can that fits perfectly in your front pocket, means you don't have to announce to the world that your packing.

    -LONG-LASTING: A small pinch goes a long way.  Enjoy the long-lasting flavor and intensity.