Pure Hemp® / Smoking® Rolling Papers & Pre-Roll Cones

Mississauga,  ON 
  • Booth: 3110

Pure Hemp® & Smoking® Rolling Paper, Pre-Roll Cones, Filters

We exclusively sell:

Pure Hemp Classic 

Pure Hemp Unbleached

Pure Hemp Bulk Cones

Smoking DeLuxe

Smoking DeLuxe Bulk Cones

Smoking Brown 

Smoking Brown Cones

Smoking Master

Smoking Organic

Smoking Thinnest

Smoking Thinnest Brown

Smoking White

Smoking Maiz

and a variety of 

Smoking RYO Filters

Brands: Pure Hemp® Rolling Papers & Cones Smoking® Rolling Papers, Cones & Filters

 Show Specials

  • Stop by booth #3110 and witness the thinnest rolling papers ever made; Smoking Thinnest and Smoking Thinnest Brown.

    There are no thinner rolling papers out there on the market. Stop by and see what rolling and smoking a 10 GSM rolling paper feels like.

    Welcome to your best life!

  • Check out the new Smoking DeLuxe® king size cone consumer 3pks. We kept the stylish guitar case shaped container they come in and updated the design.

    So give them a try and always be prepared to rock n' roll.

    Stop by Booth #3110 and ask us about them

  • Check out these beautiful pre-roll cones made with our world famous Smoking® Brown unbleached rolling paper.

    Our Smoking® Brown cones are made with our patented spiral wrap design.

    By mitigating any extra unnecessary overlapping of paper you are able to enhancing the taste of your flowers. 

    Stop by the booth to see them in person and ask why we created a Superior pre-roll cone 


  • Pure Hemp Unbleached Cones
    Now Available In:
    8326mm 1 1/4 size cones (1,000/box)
    11026mm king size cones (1,000/box)...

  • Our Pure Hemp Unbleached bulk cones are here.

    Reach out to us or stop by the booth #3110 and see why our cones are superior!

    Ask about our micro gum lime? Ask us what a Torcedor is? Ask why our cones have no paper tails inside?

    If you care about what you put in your cones, you should def care about what Cone you choose to compliment your flowers!