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HerbSaver container does it all, acting as storage, grinder, sifter, and kief collector simultaneously. It's like the swiss-army knife weed lovers never knew they needed!

All come assorted, UPC barcoded, and sealed in a pop-up-ready display!

Did I mention ALL are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY?!

Brands: HerbSaver HS Containers

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  • Herb Saver Grinders
    Herb Saver is the best weed grinder on the market. It's an all-in-one design, easy to clean and replace, durable, corrosion-resistant, and dishwasher-safe....

  • A good herb grinder is designed to contain your shredded bud as it breaks down. The lid of your Herb Saver is equipped with a strong magnetic closure cleverly tucked between the teeth to secure your bud while it's in your pocket. The sifting screen for collecting kief is extremely fine and made of stainless steel. Other grinders with mesh screens cannot match the Herb Savers' friction-fit, removable screens that allow for easier cleaning and replacement.

    Large Herb Saver Grinder is made of medical-grade polypropylene. They are 2.4 by 3.8 inches with a capacity to store up to 14 grams of ground, dry herbs, and pollen. The all-in-one weed grinder design comes with a stainless steel, friction-fit pollen screen disc that can be removed for cleaning. UPC barcoding on all display boxes and individual units MSRP per unit is $14.99.

    Mini Herb Saver Grinders are available in a variety of fun colors. They are a smaller version of the original 4-piece herb grinder with a storage container, built-in sifter, pollen collector, and a complimentary pollen scraper. They have the same friction fit screen for collecting pollen for convenience and longevity. UPC barcoding on all display boxes and individual units MSRP per unit is $12.99.

    The Herb Saver 2-piece grinder is the smoothest grind there is. It is made of medical-grade plastic and has a lifetime warranty. There are 12 unique colors to choose from. It fits into a pocket and is waterproof and odor-proof. Come in a 24 Piece display box and individual units' MSRP per unit is $5.99.