Rebellion Cigars LLC

Davenport,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1054

Welcome to the Home of Serious Smokin' (no G!)

Rebellion Cigars - the Great British Cigar Company and the Home of Serious Smokin' - Come and visit us good ole Brits at Booth 1054 to find out all about us and our Rockstar Range and newly launched Country Range.

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  • Rebellion Cigars Rockstar Range
    Our original range of cigars from our favourite Rockstars, featuring:
    Paradise City
    Ace of Spades
    Sweet Child O Mine
    You Shook Me All Night Long
    Voodoo Child...

    • Paradise City -  Get yourself some Paradise City - we guarantee that this one's pretty!  Sweet Connecticut wrapper, offering a creamy cocoa and hint of vanilla and cinnamon smoke.

    • Ace of SpadesGet your motor running with our unique Ace of Spades edition.  Fires up with flavours of creamy espresso and a touch of spice, leading to rich leather tones and a subtle sweetness of honey, creamy cedar and toasted nuts.

    • Sweet Child O MineOur first addition to the Rebellion Rockstar Cigar Range, which has taken a lot of time and love to bring to fruition, hence the name!  A medium bodied cigar full of creamy chocolate flavour, with hints of spice and cedar.

    • Voodoo ChildDo you believe in voodoo?  You will after smoking this exclusive edition to the Rebellion range!   A dark chocolate wrapper surrounds this medium to full strength cigar, packed full of flavour - liquorice, sweet cedar and creamy vanilla are just a few notes to this great smoke.

    • You Shook Me All Night LongThis medium bodied smoke will certainly recharge your batteries.  Blast out some AC/DC and get out your air guitar - you know you want to!!!!!  Its a spicy/peppery, light wood cigar with a touch of almond on the finish. You're gonna get lots of leather, and a bit of pepper as you enjoy this beauty.