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Ennature Biopharma(Div.of IGL) is globally recognized for manufacturing of natural API's and standardized botanical extracts. We have an enormous WHO-GMP licensed pharmaceutical production facility for Nicotine. Nictobac is our finest offering for our premium nicotine.

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  • Nictobac
    Nictobac is our finest offering of premium Nicotine intended for use in e-liquids and Nicotine Replacement Therapy applications....

  • Nictobac is our finest offering of premium Nicotine intended for use in e-liquids and Nicotine Replacement Therapy
    applications. Nictobac as Nicotine EP/USP is isolated as a pure liquid from natural tobacco leaves by a series of
    extraction & purification stages specifically developed to give an all–natural product.
    When you choose us, rest assured you are choosing the highest quality, freshest and purest Nicotine that mixes well
    with flavouring concentrates and other ingredients to take your product to the next level.

    India Glycols Limited is globally recognized for manufacturing Natural API and specialized botanical extracts. We
    have a large-scale, integrated WHO GMP licensed pharmaceutical production plant located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand,
    with the dedicated production facility for Nicotine. We ensure stringent quality checks from procurement stage to
    final product packaging thereby reducing batch to batch variation with consistent supplies. Our unique purification
    process ensures control over tough impurities making Nictobac™ a safe and well accepted product in versatile
    applications and therapies used for Nicotine withdrawal.

    Nictobac™ products are packed in our environmentally
    controlled packaging rooms complying with ISO cleanroom
    standards. Pure Nicotine is filled using an automatic filling
    machine to ensure no human contact. Induction sealing and
    security sealing of caps are done to prevent leakage and
    ensure safe handling of the product. All products are purged
    with nitrogen to prevent oxidation.
    Finally transportation is carried out in fully temperature
    controlled refrigerated vehicles from our plant till the
    destination airport of our customer.