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Luma is a learning and instructional design company that is modernizing the trucking industry through its online 4-in-1 eNugget® solution.

Luma helps carriers do four things all through ONE platform:

1) Disseminate employment/policy forms digitally before drivers arrive on-site for physical orientation (Rapid Forms Tool)
2) Customize 500 training modules that include multiple media types to address drivers' different learning prefrences and carriers' policies/procedures (eNuggets®
3) Conduct virtual orientation/safety meetings, and record and assign sessions as training modules to view on demand (LumaLive)
4) Prove who did the online training with the trucking industry's first online proctoring tool (LumaLens)

Contact Luma to learn 4 things that your company could be doing to save time and money, better educate drivers, improve retention, and impress your insurance provider.

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 Press Releases

  • July 21, 2020

    When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Payne Trucking needed to quickly create a virtual driver training program for its specialty fleet of end dump trailers.

    From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, motor carriers had to rethink their strategies for driver orientation because of new health hazards associated with in-person contact and classroom training.

    Additionally, COVID-19 has companies looking for new technologies that can improve the job experience and create better training outcomes amid a rapidly changing work environment.

    Payne Trucking wanted to streamline the administrative side of driver orientation and develop custom online training content for its niche in dry bulk and hazardous materials transport with end dump trailers.

    After evaluating competing learning management systems (LMS), in the spring of 2020 the Fredericksburg, Virginia-based carrier quickly implemented the Luma eNugget LMS platform to fulfill its unique training and documentation needs.

    Payne Trucking operates more than 130 tractors that power its specialized fleet of 800 end dump trailers, dry vans and storage containers with a service network that covers the Midwest and Eastern states from Florida into Canada.

    The platform from Luma Brighter Learning has modern, user-friendly instructional design templates that “leave it up to your own imagination” to create and customize training content, said Chris Haney, Payne Trucking’s director of health, safety, security, environment (HSSE) and human resources.

     “I haven’t found any other LMS that offers the freedom that Luma does,” he said. “I can do all of this in house.”

    The Luma platform comes with a collection of more than 450 individual learning modules, called Luma eNuggets, that cover relevant safety, compliance and orientation topics with multi-media tailored to the learning preferences and culture of truck drivers.

    All of the Luma eNuggets can be customized with company-specific policies and content. Additionally, the modules come with embedded driver feedback tools for rating and commenting.

    Luma and its customers use the real-time driver feedback to quickly adapt content and media to improve driver engagement, attention and learning outcomes.

    Payne Trucking had previously used an LMS with “canned” training courses. The content was too generic for its specialized training needs and too difficult and expensive to customize. When drivers took a safe driving or equipment inspection course, for example, they still needed one-on-one instruction to understand the distinctions of Payne Trucking’s specialty equipment.

    In the few months Payne Trucking has been using the Luma eNugget LMS platform, it has seen improved training efficiencies and outcomes by:

    • Virtualizing orientation: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Payne Trucking reduced its two-day in-house classroom orientation training program to an online experience. Drivers remotely complete paperwork and training courses from any location and come to headquarters for one day of specialized hands-on equipment training before being handed off to a driver trainer.
    • Digitizing forms: Payne Trucking eliminated orientation paperwork using the Luma Rapid Forms tool. During the COVID-19 crisis, Haney created eNuggets to provide guidance to drivers, shop personnel and office staff with digital forms to fill out and sign to receive federal emergency sick leave benefits.
    • Expanding training: Besides training drivers, Haney has developed company-wide orientation, remedial and refresher training courses for non-driver associates from driver trainers to mechanics and operations staff. The LMS automatically sends out assignments at employment milestones such as a 90-day continuing educational training package for drivers.
    • Improving safety: Payne Trucking uses a cloud-based application from SpeedGauge to track and manage speed trends and driver behaviors from its fleet telematics data. After noticing risk increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, Haney created an eNugget on speeding. The module had a 100% participation rate from drivers, and Payne Trucking moved into the top safety quartile of SpeedGauge customers. “I believe that had a lot to do with the way we are able to present awareness with this particular eNugget,” Haney said.

    Custom training on-demand

    Haney and his staff of Donna Cutshaw, acting as in-house Luma administrator, and Rob Clark, safety and training manager, are always coming up with new ideas and strategies for training and communication. Recently, Payne Trucking purchased a drone to capture aerial footage of the fleet’s 40-foot end dump trailers unloading products that include salt, dirt, sand, aggregates, gravel, stone and glass recyclables, to name a few.

    “All products come out differently when you put a dump trailer 40 feet in the air,” Haney said. In colder months, some products freeze and come out unevenly. This may cause trailers to tip over. “We can talk about it all day long, but to take drone footage of unloading different types of products and put them in a training module — I don’t know how to put a value on that.”

    Payne Trucking also uses its Luma eNugget LMS as a valuable communications platform. Haney has been sending drivers and other employees on-the-spot education materials and guidance during the COVID-19 crisis.

    He also sends periodic “safety flashes” to educate drivers and document their awareness when the company sees incident or accident trends developing. The LMS tracks driver completion and assessment results. To date the company has had a 100% participation rate from drivers.

    “Not only am I getting proof that drivers have received it, and completed it, but more importantly from the liability side there is a realized level of comprehension, and that is priceless,” he said.

    Published in CCJ on Jul 21st, 2020, by Aaron Huff

  • May 26, 2020

    Hirschbach, one of the largest refrigerated truckload carriers in North America with more than 2,000 power units (CCJ Top 250, No. 65), set out to optimize the utilization of facetime with drivers in orientation. Central to accomplishing this was providing drivers with online training resources to use before, during and after live classroom instruction.

    Hirschbach Motor Lines has grown rapidly during the past few years and now operates more than 2,000 tractors.

    In August 2017, Hirschbach selected an online learning management system (LMS) from Luma Brighter Learning. The LMS platform comes with a collection of more than 400 learning modules, called Luma eNuggets, that cover relevant safety, compliance and orientation topics.

    Driver recruits receive an email or text message with a link to Hirschbach’s orientation packet from the Luma eNugget LMS. They can also download the Hirschbach mobile app, developed by Eleos, to access training content in the LMS through a custom-branded feature called Hirschbach U.

    Hirschbach had drivers complete additional modules in the classroom for orientation, but management discontinued in-person training when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March.

    Jessie Burnette, chief people officer of Hirschbach, asked Luma’s instructional design and learning science experts to modify its orientation training so that drivers complete the full program online before coming to the office for scheduled road tests.

    “The help and support we received from Luma has been critical to keep us moving during the COVID-19 crisis,” Burnette said.

    Hirschbach has realized the following results from using the Luma eNugget LMS platform:

    • Digitized hiring: Hirschbach uses Luma’s Rapid Forms tool to streamline the hiring process and achieve significant cost savings by eliminating paperwork. As drivers complete and sign documents online the tool simplifies compliance by identifying errors and omissions in driver qualification files.
    • Personalized training: Hirschbach uses reporting tools in the LMS platform to track driver status during the hiring and orientation process. Management identifies topics that drivers may need additional help with to provide an efficient and personalized training experience.
    • Customized content: The Luma eNuggets use multi-media designed for the unique learning preferences and learning culture of truck drivers. Hirschbach customizes the modules and creates homegrown training content for use in driver safety, health and wellness, and for non-driving employees such as mechanics and office staff.

    Advancing learning outcomes

    By using the surveys and reporting tools in the LMS, Hirschbach is able to continuously improve its driver orientation and ongoing training programs. The reports identify what content drivers are searching for and reviewing after they go through orientation.

    “We’re able to take those learning pieces and put them back into our orientation,” Burnette said. For example, management discovered that drivers had questions about pay after the first week on the job. Hirschbach used this insight to create new training content that walks drivers through the payroll process.

    “We’re learning a lot about driver needs with the technology and reporting that Luma gives us. We are able to keep creating and re-creating our orientation to make it better,” she said.

    Proactively identifying the areas where drivers are struggling also strengthens the fleet’s retention efforts. “We can reach out to drivers before they get to the point of leaving us,” Burnette added.

    While the company has suspended classroom training amid the COVID-19 crisis, Burnette has plans to offer drivers a more personalized orientation experience when face-to-face meetings resume.

    Driver recruits who meet certain requirements may receive an Express Pass for orientation to complete the full program online. Drivers with less experience, or those who prefer a more hands-on classroom experience, could receive live training.

    “We will try to accommodate everyone,” she said.

    Published in CCJ on May 26, 2020, by Aaron Huff

  • June 15, 2020

    Since the Spring of 2019, Forward has trained more than 1,000 drivers with its virtual orientation program, which is saving the company about $1,000 per event.

    Forward Air Corp. wanted new drivers to have a seamless orientation experience to its Pickup and Delivery (PUD), Forward Final Mile (FFM) and Forward Solutions (pool distribution) business segments.

    To accomplish this, management saw a need to replace the learning management system (LMS) and video-based training content the company had been using with a modern solution.

    Greenville, Tenn.-based Forward (CCJ Top 250, No. 34) is an asset-light freight and logistics business that provides intermodal, expedited regional, inter-regional and national less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload services (TLS) with a fleet of nearly 3,000 employee and contractor drivers.

    The company has a nationwide network of more than 125 terminals with locations near major airports, and a network of pool distribution terminals and final-mile services.

    In the spring of 2019, Forward completed a pilot test of the Luma eNugget LMS platform from Luma Brighter Learning. Drivers who went through the new orientation program had a “better learning experience,” said Pat Jones, director of fleet safety. The program was also more efficient for drivers and fleet administrators.

    The Luma eNugget LMS platform comes with a collection of more than 400 individual learning modules, called Luma eNuggets, that cover relevant safety, compliance and orientation topics using multi-media designed for the unique learning preferences and learning culture of truck drivers.

    During the rollout, Forward asked Luma to develop additional program-specific training content focused on city driving and final-mile deliveries to homes and offices, among other topics.

    “We told them what we wanted, and they created it,” said Jones.

    Since using the new platform, Jones said that drivers have had zero complaints related to the online training and ease of use. The fleet has also benefitted from the LMS documenting all training events to include the amount of time drivers spend on assigned modules and their scores on knowledge assessments.

    Forward has achieved significant results since using the Luma eNugget LMS platform that include:

    • Cost savings: Forward saves around $1,000 every time a driver goes through its virtual orientation program, Jones estimated. With the new LMS, the company has eliminated airfare, hotel and other costs of live training events. To date, more than 1,000 drivers have gone through its orientation program utilizing Luma.
    • Training efficiencies: Luma’s Rapid Forms tool eliminates paperwork by drivers filling out and signing digital payroll and policy documents online. Drivers complete the full Luma orientation program in eight hours, and experience none of the technical problems that frustrated drivers and fleet administrators with the previous LMS and training content, Jones said.
    • Safety improvements: Since using the new training platform, Forward has lowered its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores in Unsafe Driving by 19% and Driver Fitness by 5% in the Forward Solutions division that transitioned to 100% Luma online training in the spring of 2019. Jones credits the CSA improvements to using a better product for driver orientation and remedial training.

    Combining driver training strategies

    Currently, 100% of company and contractor drivers in the PUD, FFM and Forward Solutions business segments are onboarded using Luma online training.

    Forward suspended classroom training in early March due to the coronavirus pandemic.  As a solution for its LTL and TLS fleet owners to seat empty trucks, Jones said Forward once again went to Luma to develop an online training option for this segment of the business. Within a week, Forward was able to onboard power seat drivers for its fleet owners by utilizing the technology to conduct virtual driver orientation training.

    Forward is also using LumaLive, a video-conferencing tool included in the LMS, for live group training sessions. Fleet administrators send invitations to drivers from the LMS, and drivers login to the secure group training session on the planned date and time. The training sessions are recorded for later viewing if drivers cannot attend live.

    In addition to using the Luma eNugget and LumaLive training resources, Forward recently resumed a portion of its classroom training that uses full-scale truck simulators. The company uses the technology at its two largest terminals in Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, California, to conduct live skill assessments and training.

    “More companies are going to online training, but we’ve made a big investment in truck simulators,” Jones said. “Because of that fact, we will always have some type of classroom.”

    Published in CCJ on Jun 15, 2020, by Aaron Huff

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