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At Uptake, we believe in creating a world that always works - data access and new technology makes that possible.  We deploy dozens of machine learning models that monitor asset risk in real-time. We do it by leveraging data sources such as vehicle fault data, raw sensor data, historical failure records, and SME knowledge. This can alert users of potential failures before they happen and allow our customers to dynamically optimize maintenance. The result is reduced unplanned downtime, efficiencies in your maintenance process and a lower overall cost to maintain.


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 Press Releases

  • Uptake announced that United Road has deployed Uptake’s AI-enabled predictive maintenance software across its U.S. fleet. The United Road Family of Companies provides vehicle and heavy-haul transportation services, shipping over 4 million units annually for customers throughout the United States and Canada. Specifically, United Road is using the Uptake Radar application to reduce breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately, maximize mileage for its drivers while meeting its commitment to on-time, safe transport of vehicles to its customers.

    The competition for commercial truck drivers is at an all-time high, and United Road is leaning into technology that can help increase operational efficiency, which in turn, is attractive for recruiting and retaining drivers. A shared objective between United Road and Uptake is to keep drivers on the road, optimizing earnings while mitigating the risk of unexpected breakdowns, costly maintenance, and time delays.

    Using vehicles’ existing telematics, fluids, and historial work order data, Uptake Radar delivers predictive maintenance insights and recommendations before a breakdown occurs. Armed with those insights, United Road is able to make proactive decisions about their fleet that avoid unplanned road calls and minimize downtime — all while increasing the availability, reliability, and performance of its critical assets.

    “United Road is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to not only provide unparalleled and reliable service to our customers while supporting the safety and prosperity of our drivers,” shared Jason Walker, COO of United Road. “We’re confident that bringing Uptake into our technology portfolio will enable us to become more proactive with our maintenance and avoid unforeseen issues with our fleet.”

    During a two-month pilot phase, United Road deployed Uptake across two of its locations seeing a 400 percent return on its investment. The United Road team validated Uptake’s predictive insights, enabling technicians to take action before problems occurred. With United Road deriving value from Uptake Radar, they have made the decision to apply Uptake to additional locations and trucks.

    “This is a game-changing time for logistics and heavy-trucking companies—being able to leverage the vast amounts of data being collected by today’s commercial vehicles to enable proactive repair will fundamentally alter how companies conduct maintenance, how they attract new drivers, and drive efficiencies to their bottom line, ” noted Braden Pastalaniec, VP of Transportation at Uptake. “We are thrilled to work with a leader like United Road to enhance their maintenance program and optimize their business.”

  • Uptake announced its predictive maintenance solution will be available as an Add-In within the MyGeotab Marketplace. This new integration enables customers to view and use the Uptake application directly from their MyGeotab account without logging into a separate Uptake dashboard. Uptake has been a Marketplace Partner of Geotab’s for the past year, and this new Add-In functionality continues to help simplify the workflow for Uptake and Geotab customers.

    “Uptake is founded on the principle that software must be easy to use. Software must be deployable and valuable immediately, along with providing insights that are outrageously simple to digest and act upon,” shared Braden Pastalaniec, VP of Sales, Transportation and Logistics at Uptake. “Our continued partnership and the Add-In integration with Geotab is in service of our customers maintaining a seamless and simple workflow while still getting all of the information and insights they need to be the best at their job.”

    The latest Geotab integration allows for customers to have all of the functionality of Uptake Radar —Uptake’s advanced analytics product, which includes pre-built failure prediction and anomaly detection models which help optimize the daily workflow of fleet operators and reliability managers—right in their MyGeotab dashboard application. SSL (the technology for keeping internet connections secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems) enables Uptake to automatically credentialize existing users, and with one click, they can go straight to their Uptake application. And while the Uptake application is now seamlessly integrated within MyGeotab, Uptake users will still have the functionality to receive equipment alerts and notifications by email.

    Uptake has been a Marketplace Partner with Geotab since mid-2019, with the collaboration between companies dating back to early 2018 when Uptake developed its first predictive fleet data science models based on the enriched data coming from Geotab devices. Over the past two years, Uptake has developed more than 200 real-time data science models covering failure modes across seven major vehicle systems.

    Uptake works with fleets ranging in size from 100 trucks to some of the largest fleets in North America, equipping customers with AI-enabled SaaS products to help move from diagnostic and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Leveraging real-time data from sensors and fault codes, along with historical work order data, Uptake leverages the power of AI to help predict failures before they occur. The result: customers experience a reduction in unplanned downtime, the ability to optimize maintenance costs, improvement in efficiency for shop technicians, and higher fleet productivity and uptime.

    This new Geotab integration comes available as Uptake recently launched its third SaaS product, called Uptake Scout. The company has also just expanded into the Indian market, providing advanced analytics to the trucking, rail, and wind sectors in India.

  • Industrial AI and IoT software leader, Uptake, and fleet telematics provider, Geotab, have joined forces to enable fleets to predict failures before they occur.

    Historically, fleet managers used telematics to understand basic facts about their fleets, such as location and drive time. Now, fleets have access to AI-powered predictive analytics. By combining Geotab hardware, which captures data from approximately 100 different truck sensors, with Uptake’s best-in-class AI software, this solution helps provide fleets with precise insights into which components will fail and when.

    “For the first time, fleets can go beyond basic monitoring to proactively predict and prevent breakdowns,” said Hoyoung Pak, head of transportation and logistics at Uptake. “Pairing Geotab’s capabilities to effectively access and rapidly transmit sensor data with Uptake’s ability to turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights leads to undisputed outcomes. Those can include reduced fuel cost, decreased unplanned maintenance and increased fleet productivity. The market has been asking for this for a long time.”

    “Uptake’s ability to predict equipment failures with an incredibly high level of precision, even down to the sub-component level, has not been possible before in this industry,” said Scott Sutarik, Associate VP of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab. “By aligning with Uptake, Geotab customers can access a new level of detailed, actionable data to help prevent unplanned downtime, improve their bottom line and stay competitive.”

    Geotab’s devices use a patented efficiency algorithm that enables them to rapidly transmit data from sensors on a truck into the cloud. Uptake analyzes this massive amount of data in its proprietary AI engines, applies contextual information like weather and historical data, and delivers data science-backed insights that keep the entire fleet running at peak efficiency.

    The software prevents data overload by only presenting alerts when trucks are at risk of breaking down. For example, it can identify voltage fluctuations that indicate a pending alternator failure, or that the diesel particulate filter needs to be cleaned sooner than expected. This enables fleets to optimize their maintenance cadence and maximize vehicle availability, while ensuring they are neither under- nor over-maintaining their fleet.


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    Focused on the highest-value failures, Uptake Radar deploys 40 pre-trained predictive analytics models to identify pending conditions and convert unplanned maintenance into scheduled service....

  • Uptake delivers actionable predictive maintenance insights from your existing telematics device to allow fleet and shop managers to proactively schedule repairs, enabling operational excellence at an unprecedented level, reducing risk, and leading to efficiency gains and better vehicle performance. Uptake helps you improve uptime, reliability, reputation, and bottom line.

    Unlike relying on reactive and noisy fault-code-only analysis, Uptake accesses raw sensor data through telematics devices and applies pre-trained data science models to enhance lead time on failure alerts, empowering your maintenance operations workers while significantly reducing the number of alerts by focusing on what is most important. This provides your fleet with fast and significant returns on investment.

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