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Michigan City,  IN 
United States
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Providing Mobile Power Solutions® since 1972, Vanair® Manufacturing, located in Michigan City, Indiana, offers the most comprehensive product line of vehicle-mounted: air compressors, generators, welders, hydraulics, electrified power equipment, chargers/boosters, engine starters and custom products in the world.  Elevating the meaning of Mobile Power Solutions® through innovative design, training, and support, Vanair engineers rugged and dependable products that are used to improve efficiency and productivity worldwide.  Where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it… Vanair’s there.

Brands: VANAIR® Goodall® EPEQ™

 Press Releases

  • Vanair®, your strategic resource Mobile Power Solutions® provider, is proud to release the EPEQ™ Welder140. When you need Clean, Quiet Power™ in a smaller, smarter, and portable package, look no further than the new EPEQ™ Electrified Power Equipment™ product lineup. The Vanair® EPEQ™ Welder140 is a 140-amp CC stick welder which combines the flexibility of lithium-powered welding with Vanair’s long history of providing top-level welding capabilities. The ability to carry the entire Welder and cables right next to the equipment being worked on (34 lbs) makes the EPEQ™ Welder user-friendly for those light and fast repair jobs. This Welder is ideal for agriculture applications and any jobsite in a remote location.

    “Customers have been amazed at the power, flexibility, and mobility that the  EPEQ™ Welder has been able to offer in such a lightweight package,” said Chip Jones, Strategic Accounts Manager for Vanair®.

    EPEQ™ Welder140 Performance and Features:

    • 140-Amp, CC Stick Welder, Lithium Powered, Internal Battery, (34 Lbs.)
    • Duty Cycle: 20% 140A; 50% 110A; 100% 80A
    • Dimensions: 18.3”L x 7.6”W x 14.9”H

    End-to-End System Delivering Clean, Quiet, Power™

    EPEQ™ is a comprehensive, patent-pending, end-to-end system of zero-emission and clean, quiet, Electrified Power Equipment™ products. The EPEQ™ series is the solution for those customers choosing to operate their equipment on the job site with zero emissions and significantly reduced: noise, heat, weight levels, equipment maintenance costs, and overall vehicle life-cycle costs. The EPEQ™ line of proprietary developed products consists of the: ELiMENT™ Battery, Smart Controller, electric motor-driven and oil-free air compressors, electric-hydraulic power, AC power inverters, welders, Level 1 and 2 EV charging (DC-DC fast charging available soon), electric driven underdecks, electric driven abovedecks, alternators/regulators, and DC-DC converters. Depending on the form of power you need, a single function machine can be ordered or an “ecosystem” product grouping kit, which combines all the functions needed for your application. EPEQ™ is for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment; mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire and rescue, marine, RV, recreation, crane, lifting, and light commercial service vehicles. For more information, visit


    From utilities to mechanic and service trucks, military, construction, fire, and rescue to industrial, Vanair® has

    built a reputation for unsurpassed quality and an expert, collaborative engineering team. Beginning with our

    underdeck shaft driven rotary screw air compressors, we have become the industry leader in

    Mobile Power Solutions®. We have had the privilege of working alongside many of the most respected

    companies to give their products and services a true performance edge. 



  • EPEQ™ Electrified Power Equipment®
    EPEQ™ Electrified Power Equipment® allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine & still run your jobsite equipment. EPEQ™ is a fully self-contained, independent system that can be mounted on, or within combustion engine or electric vehicles, or trailers...

  • EPEQ™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system, of zero emission and quiet Electrified Power Equipment® products. Powered by Vanair’s EPEQ™ Smart Controller, which communicates with a specifically developed line of ELiMENT™ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, EPEQ™ allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and still run the equipment you need on the jobsite. EPEQ™ is a fully self-contained and independent system that can be mounted on, or within, combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, or even on trailers.
  • Goodall Engine Starting Systems
    Since 1939, Goodall® Mfg. has produce a broad range of jump starters, air compressors, AC generators, and the highest quality, heavy duty cable and clamp products on the market....

  • Since 1939, Goodall® Mfg. has set the standard for engine starting and mobile service equipment. Goodall’s line of equipment includes a broad range of jump starters, air compressors, AC generators, and the highest quality, heavy duty cable and clamp products on the market. With this comprehensive selection of industry leading equipment, Goodall® can meet any starting and mobile service challenge.  Products available include:

    • Start-All® Lithium-Ion Jump Starters & Power Packs (2,500 amp, 5,000 amp, and 10,000 amp models available)
    • Boost-All® and Super Boost-All® Heavy Duty Starting Equipment
    • Cap-Start® Heavy Duty Engine Starting Systems
    • AntiZap Surge Protectors and and a variety of  booster cable options