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United States
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Scaling up plug-in chargers for MHD electrification has proved challenging. Large quantities of low-power plug-in chargers or DC fast chargers are often needed to meet range and duty cycle requirements. 
Purpose-built for large EVs, WAVE wireless charging simplifies MHD electrification by delivering higher power more quickly, while using much less space.
During regularly scheduled stops, WAVE's ruggedized, roadway-embedded pads automatically deliver high power to vehicle-mounted receivers. Free of heavy cables and moving parts, there is nothing to run over, break, freeze or forget. Flush to the ground, impact on existing space is low. And when high-power charging is made fast and more accessible, battery size can be reduced, lowering vehicle weight and cost.  
Ranging from 150kW to 500kW, WAVE systems can be customized for transit, truck, and cargo handling equipment applications. Visit www.waveipt.com to learn more.