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United States
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FPPF Chemical Company has been manufacturer the highest quality diesel and gas additives for over 48 years.  Sold internationally, FPPF has helped millions of drivers over the years improve the miles per gallon, reduce their downtime and maintenance costs, and extend the life of their equipment.  FPPF has specific products to help solve today's fuel problems; Biocides for bacteria, Anti-gels for winter, Cetane Improvers for power and emissions, Lubricity Additives to combat low sulfur diesel, Injector cleaners, Regen reducers, Stabilizers, and more.  For every fuel problem, FPPF has a solution.  Contact us today at 800-735-FPPF (3773).

Brands: Fuel Power, Fuel Power + Cetane Booster, Total Power, Polar Power, Melt Down SOS, Killem, and ABC - Air Brake Conditioner

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  • FPPF Chemical Company - The Premium Additive Company - has formulated a new gas treatment for today's gasoline that will raise octane levels, clean injectors, get rid of water and stabilize gas.  The new product is called:  UP YOUR GAS!.  Valid until 3-17-23 you can purchase UP YOUR GAS on a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF deal.  Visit booth 819 for more details.


  • Fuel Power Diesel & Gas Treatment
    The #1 Year 'Round best selling fuel additive for increased MPG, reduced downtime and maintenance costs and extending the life or equipment....

  • Eliminates water through hydrogen polar bonding, cleans injectors, lubricates fuel system, improves combustion, power and mpg.  Use regularly for optimum performance.
  • Total Power
    All in One Winter Diesel Additive provides unmatched results for cold weather operation....

  • Total Power contains Antigel, Cetane Improver, Injector Cleaner, Lubricity Additive, Stabilizer, Regen Reducer and Water Eliminator - nothing is more effective for cold weather operation.
  • Killem Biocide
    EPA registered and approved in all 50 states. Killem kills aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that grows in tanks. The #1 selling biocide on the market....

  • Killem is the most effective biocide on the market.  Registered and approved with the EPA in all 50 states.  16 ounces treats 1280 gallons.  If you have a bacteria problem, Killem is the product to get rid of it.