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Based in Chambersburg, PA, IMI was founded in 1973.  IMI has since led the way in developing innovative truck tire, wheel, and fuel-preserving solutions for the commercial trucking industry.  We understand the challenges facing commercial trucking fleets and have created exceptional solutions that deliver cost savings, reduce operating costs, and improve safety on the road. Our goal at IMI is to deliver extra miles in extraordinary ways by providing high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Our tested solutions, IMI EQUAL FLEXX, MILCURE, ALUMINATOR, STS Tire Sealants, and CHECKPOINT are scientifically proven advantages to meet fleets’ challenges and increase profitability.


 Show Specials

  • (Feb 13, 2023)

    Sick of mismatched dual tires affecting your bottom line? We have your quick and easy solution.

    Stop by our booth to test our new tool out and see if it’s a match for your fleet!

  • Clean, shiny aluminum wheels don’t have to come at the cost of your fleet safety.

    Join us at our booth to take a look at what could be hiding under the dirt on your aluminum wheels, and what you can do about it!

 Press Releases

  • IMI, the original developer of the turn key MILCURE steel wheel refinishing system and process, has partnered with Lesta to introduce automation into their solution by using robotics to apply powder coating to truck wheels.

    “Inconsistencies in the powder coating application process can lead to excessive mil thickness on the surface of the wheel, which impacts torque and the overall safety of the wheel,” says Faith Bramlet, Senior Director of Marketing at IMI. “We are pleased to team up with Lesta to bring a new, automated solution to our Commercial Tire Dealer customer base that enables them to add a self-learning robotic process to consistently apply the accurate amount of powder coating to the wheel each and every time.”

    Whether Tire Dealers are concerned about labor shortages, throughput, quality, or productivity, IMI has enhanced its MILCURE system with the Lesta robot to be a resource for the entire commercial trucking industry.

    “We are very excited to offer this to our customers so they can take their steel Wheel Refinishing quality and production capacity to the next level,” said IMI’s President, Bob Fogal.

    Lesta’s President Derek DeGeest says, “We are happy to partner with IMI to take this new automation to their Wheel Refinishing market. After receiving inquiries from a few of the major Commercial Tire Dealers that led to installations, we discovered that IMI was a key player in this market with a solid reputation for their products and service. Our companies are nicely aligned by our focus on taking care of the customer.”

  • ORLANDO, FL – IMI is excited to demo the new IMI MATCHMAKER at the Exhibition Grand Opening of the TMC Annual Meeting 2023.

    IMI has been an industry leader in wheel-end maintenance since 1973, partnering with industry distributors, dealers, and fleets to increase their profitability while creating solutions that follow the guidelines of TMC. With the increasing prices of tires and fuel, fleets are continuously looking for ways to save money in both of these areas.

    “Fleets are becoming more aware of the problems associated with mismatched tires in dual wheel positions. When a dual tire is changed during road service calls, it’s likely not the same tire height as the one it’s paired with. Also, while different tire manufacturers may have the same size tires available, the dimensions are not the same. It only takes ¼” difference in the height for tires paired in a dual position to create irregular tire wear and undue stress on the tires, leading to premature tire life and reduction in fuel economy for the fleet.” said Bob Fogal from IMI.

    “Our new MATCHMAKER tool is designed to make measuring and identifying mismatched dual tires quick and easy. It takes measurements at the tread rather than using a straight edge, creating a more accurate measurement. This, in turn, allows you to measure and mark the tire’s diameter before it comes off the vehicle, and then it can be placed into your tire bank.” Bob added.

    Stop by our booth at TMC to demo the MATCHMAKER and see if our tool is a match for you!

    About IMI

    IMI is based in Chambersburg, PA and was founded in 1973. In the five decades since, IMI has led the way in developing innovative, solutions-based products for the commercial tire and trucking industries. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, IMI’s success comes from understanding the challenges facing commercial trucking fleets and creating exceptional solutions that drive fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve safety on the road.


  • MILCURE Steel Wheel Refinishing System
    The MILCURE System was designed specifically for the steel wheel, increasing safety, productivity and profitability....

  • Our MILCURE System is the industry-leading steel wheel refinishing process, delivering maximum operational efficiency designed for profitability. The industry's only fully-serviced turnkey system uses a combination of equipment, consumables, and process to meet consistent finish and cure requirements recommended by TMC. The addition of the Lesta Self-Learning Robot will improve operational efficiencies by reducing labor-related downtime losses and wasted powder due to inconsistent application techniques. 
  • ALUMINATOR Aluminum Wheel Cleaning System
    Our aluminum wheel cleaner system takes a dirty wheel, and cleans off debris and brake dust - without compromising its integrity, making the wheel clean, safe, and ready for the road....

  • The IMI ALUMINATOR is an innovative way to effectively and efficiently clean aluminum wheels. The 3 part process will wash, clean, and finish aluminum wheels, giving them a clean, matte-like finish. An additional finish option can be chosen to shine the wheels. The system and its process were developed with both safety and appearance in mind. Using a combination of components, consumables, and inspections, the IMI ALUMINATOR produces a safe and clean wheel as recommended by TMC standards.