Bristol,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 950

ISTOBAL is one of Europe's leaders in the truck wash and care sector thanks to its commitment to internationalization, innovation, talent development, and entrepreneurship. The Group manufactures in-bay automatic and express tunnel car wash equipment as well as a full line of truck washing systems including automated trailer wash-out equipment.

ISTOBAL has over 70 years of experience and exports its products to more than 75 countries thanks to a worldwide network of distributors. It has ten subsidiaries and four manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. ISTOBAL has had a subsidiary in the US since 2009 with its first manufacturing and assembly plant opening in 2011 in Bristol, VA. The plant covers 125,000 sq. ft and meets the specific demands of the US market.



    The ISTOBAL HW'PROGRESS has the flexibility to wash tractor-trailers, public transit vehicles, tour buses, tankers, garbage trucks, and vehicles for the construction industry....

  • The ISTOBAL HW'PROGRESS truck wash was designed to meet the needs of demanding fleet managers. Using the latest automation and programming technology, ISTOBAL brings the most flexible commercial vehicle wash system to the market. The HW'PROGRESS is the ideal system to wash vehicle fleets: vans, trailer trucks, buses, tankers, and garbage trucks, as well as construction equipment and other special vehicles. 

    The ISTOBAL HW'PROGRESS is available in either a stainless steel or galvanized steel frame and is designed for flexibility. Each HW'PROGRESS has multiple brush configurations, touchscreen programming, and an easy-to-install energy chain. With its advanced chemical dilution system, this unit provides fleet managers with the necessary tools to manage chemical costs. 

    The new ISTOBAL HW'ROTATORS is a high performance touchless wash system ideal for hard to wash vehicles such as, Service Trucks, Mining/Quarry, Tankers, Military, and Waste Trucks as well as other irregularly shaped commercial vehicles....

  • The new ISTOBAL HW'ROTATORS is a modular arch consisting of multiple motorized rotator units. This high-pressure equipment was designed specifically for the drive-through washing of irregularly shaped commercial vehicles that cannot be washed with a standard rollover, such as garbage trucks, tankers, and military vehicles. 

    The equipment is configurable as a full arch or individual units for focused high-pressure applications with mechanically controlled spinners. These units are automatically started with photocells, offers advanced heavy debris removal and snow removal. The equipment also offers several optional extras such as underchassis wash, chemical spray, rinse arch, traffic control lights, and dryers which deliver a full-service wash making the HW'ROTATORS a dynamic and highly adaptable system.