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Reduce weight and move more freight. With Strenx® performance steel, trailers are lighter and still have better payload capacity while using less fuel. Strenx® high-strength structural steel can drive your business performance with stronger and lighter products.

Transportation industry engineers use Strenx® structural steel in their designs to outperform other steels in the toughest of environments. They reduce weight, increase payloads, use less fuel and improve sustainability from day one. With one of the broadest ranges of dimensions, the Strenx product portfolio is from 600 to 1300 MPa with thicknesses from 0.7 to 160mm. It's available as hot-rolled plates, cols, sheets, cold-rolled shets and coils and as a sections and tubes. Ask about guaranteed properties for thickness, flatness and bending properties. Design consultation and support are part of every application.

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Brands: SSAB's family of branded specialized steels includes: Strenx structural high-strength steel, Hardox wear steel, Toolox engineering and tool steel, Docol automotive steel

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  • At SSAB, we are convinced that good environmental stewardship also drives good business. We are firmly committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and that of our customers. We take action in many different ways – as a signatory to the UN Global Compact, through our membership in environmental research projects and organizations, and by improving our own manufacturing processes, procedures and policies.

    But perhaps our most important effort stems from collaborating with customers. With our SSAB EcoUpgraded program, customers can upgrade to high-strength steel and reduce the weight of their equipment, improve fuel economy and extend product lifetime – all factors that have a major impact on reducing their carbon footprint.

    Building muscle – while staying lean, mean and green

    When customers upgrade from standard steel to high-strength steel, they can cut the weight of the end product while maintaining the same strength and increasing durability and productivity. From a lifecycle perspective, this is crucial because most of the negative environmental impact comes from a product’s use phase.

    Plus, less steel is needed to manufacture the product because high-strength steel is stronger than conventional mild steel. This also reduces CO2 emissions. An SSAB EcoUpgraded product will generate CO2 savings that exceed the CO2 emitted during the production of the upgraded part. The amount of the savings varies depending on the design and whether or not it is weight-critical.

    SSAB looks at each specific application and compares the potential CO2 savings in the use phase to the CO2 emitted during production. This way, we identify products that would benefit the most from an upgrade to high-strength Strenx® performance steel and/or Hardox® wear plate.  Once the CO2 payback time is reached, the vehicle will continue to deliver CO2 savings far in excess of the original CO2 debt.

    Rock-solid benefits Here’s how high-strength steels from SSAB benefit both the environment and our customers’ businesses.

    • Thinner dimensions of steel can be used without compromising on strength
    • Fewer resources used in the manufacture of SSAB EcoUpgraded components and vehicles
    • Less fuel needed for the same work – haul the same load in fewer number of trips
    • Lower carbon dioxide emissions over entire lifecycle
    • Meet and stay ahead of tougher environmental requirements and legislation
    • OEMs can enhance their environmental profile and gain a competitive edge
  • What is Fossil Free Steel? Fossil-free means that a product or service has been created without using fossil-fuels or fossil raw materials. Fossil-free steel is made without creating CO2 emissions and by using fossil-free energy sources. All of the iron ore used in SSAB’s fossil-free steel will come from fossil-free mining.

    See how SSAB replaces CO2 emissions with water. For thousands of years, steel has been made using coal to remove oxygen from iron ore, emitting vast amounts of CO2 in the process. But now, SSAB is set to revolutionize the industry with HYBRIT technology, using hydrogen instead of coal in the ore reduction process, and emitting water instead of CO2.SSAB aims to launch fossil-free steel on the market in 2026. 

    Advance your company's sustainability plans and learn what's new in steelmaking technologies


  • Strenx 110 XF
    Strenx® high-strength steel in trailer frames and flooring makes them lightweight with better payloads, and use less fuel. Guarantees for thickness, flatness and bending properties give engineers confidence to design thinner and stronger innovations....

  • Strenx® high-strength structural steel  drives higher performance with stronger and lighter products. Engineers looking to innovate design with Strenx® structural steel in equipment that will outperform other steels in the toughest environments. 

    Think thinner, get stronger. Superior properties and extremely consistent properties ensure precision and efficiency in the workshop. Yield and tensile strength, bending performance and impact toughness are carefully tested to ensure consistency in every delivery. Reduce weight. Save fuel and CO2 emissions. Improve safety and performance.

    • Superior workshop performance.
    • Weldable with all common methods
    • Easy thermal and mechanical cutting
    • Guaranteed properties for repeatable bending
    • Machinable with standard workshop equipment

    Tech support included with designs calling for Strenx® structural steel - access to our support resources for consultation

  • Strenx Rear Underride Protection Device
    For the highest safety, consider a stronger, lighter steel choice in your rear impact guards for underride protection. The right type of steel in rear impact guards can help to lower the risk of fatal injuries....

  • Beef up protection from an underride guard that doesn’t add weight. Manufacturers are facing great pressure to lightweight their trucks and trailers. But, how to build stronger and safer underride guards that aren’t heavier? How can you balance requirements for mechanical strength, tightened positioning and deformation constraints, and reasonable costs?

    High-strength Strenx® 960, combined with clever design, is helping fleet managers offer the underride protection they need to improve truck and trailer safety while meeting lightweighting goals. It’s a structural steel with an impressive tensile strength at 960 MPa that remains formable, so you can design a variety of components to meet your specifications.

    These are some reasons why Strenx® steel is gaining ground in the automotive and transportation industries.