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TireCheck is an expert at engineering and producing smart monitoring technology solutions for some of the worlds largest vehicle and tire manufactures.

With a large portfolio of Commercial products, TireCheck helps the world’s largest manufacturers to keep customers’ wheels rolling. Our smartTPMS solutions support business owners all over the world in keeping fleet drivers safe and streamline operations while reducing emissions and saving on fuel costs.

TireCheck TPMS sensors capture precise tire pressure and temperature data. Every sensor is manufactured to the highest Automotive standards. We offer a complete range of Internal, external, Bluetooth or RF sensors designed to meet the most complex TPMS needs.

TireCheck communication devices are designed to offer seamless integration of a TPMS system with a number of different communication technologies to suit almost any vehicle or business need.

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  • It is a no-brainer that tire maintenance is key for fleet vehicle safety and fuel efficiency. Through proper tire maintenance and monitoring, fleet managers can make a big impact on the bottom line, all while making mobility more efficient for their fleet. On the contrary, ignoring the condition of the tires in an attempt to bring down the expenditure could affect fuel savings and impact the performance of these fleet vehicles on the road. That’s where TireCheck can help. Since 2006, TireCheck has grown to become a world leader in designing, developing and delivering highly innovative tire management solutions for the automotive industry. The company’s software solutions enable fleet managers and service providers to collect accurate data and generate critical reports, optimize their fleets, maintain the driver’s safety and grow their businesses. Today, with a growing need for automation and technology within the commercial fleet industry, TireCheck has put a heavier focus on growing their TPMS product line. “Through our automated TPMS products, we can alert the fleet and maintenance team about the tires that need immediate attention,” says Cameron Martinez, the Director of Product and Operations at TireCheck. “By eliminating time-consuming, and manual tire pressure checks, we allow the fleet technicians to focus on other costlier and complex tasks like the fleet’s overall operating systems.” TireCheck TPMS software displays individual tire conditions from sensors fitted to the vehicle tires and consists of two essential components— INCENTER, and INTIRE. While INCENTER helps fleets and tire service providers proactively identify issues utilizing digital tools, technology and visualization,INTIRE is a comprehensive and easy-to-use TPMS solution that automates real-time tire pressure and temperature collection while the vehicles are in operation. INCENTER also offers customizable vehicle rules and alerts along with historical reporting, enabling fleet managers to determine the proper course of action for a troubled vehicle. With these suites of products, TireCheck offers a powerful and affordable solution that generates accurate, reliable, and real-time data. This ensures optimum tire management, increased vehicle safety and ultimately significantly reduced downtime. TireCheck’s TPMS sensors also capture precise tire pressure and temperature data. Made in Germany and designed specifically for commercial vehicles and harsh environments, every sensor is manufactured to the highest automotive standards. The sensors are coupled with TireCheck TPMS communication devices and ensure reliable data collection and analysis. These devices can be used in a variety of combinations to suit any vehicle or business requirements. They capture, transform, analyze and forward tire condition data reliably via many different channels, such as bluetooth, 4G devices, or remote cloudbased fleet management systems. TireCheck’s biggest value proposition is their ability to rapidly prototype and integrate TPMS hardware data into an existing or bespoke dashboard. Currently, Tirecheck is helping large tire manufacturers and fleet operators across North America and Europe get ready for the next generation of TPMS technologies. This includes communication bridges and sensors designed and built with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for easy integration and sensor management. Apart from their innovative technology suite, what gives TireCheck a competitive edge is their team’s expertise and excellence. With an industry-leading team of experienced TPMS engineers, TireCheck has the capability to solve clients’ unique pain points faster and more effectively. “Our craving for deeper insights and data is driven by a core need to enhance businesses, enable better decisions and reduce waste,” says Martinez. “Our smart TPMS enables clients worldwide to drive growth and inspire change.” 


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
    TireCheck sensors capture precise tire pressure and temperature data. Made in Germany and designed for commercial vehicles and harsh environments, every sensor is manufactured to the highest Automotive standards....

  • The external tire pressure monitoring sensor mounts directly to standard brass truck tire valves, allowing for fast fitment without requiring demounting of the tire. Suitable for most wheel designs, the TPMS sensor transmits temperature and pressure to a suitable receiver every 2 minutes or as frequent as requested.

    The internal strap-mounted TPMS Sensor provides the easiest, fastest and most reliable assembly to the wheel through the patented TireCheck velcro or elastic strap, ideal for OEM assembly lines or larger retrofit projects. The sensor measures tire pressure and temperature directly on the wheel and transmits the data every 2 minutes or as designed to a suitable communication device.

    The Tire Mounted TPMS sensor with Bluetooth® communication enables a reliable and secure communication technology while being compatible with an automotive-compliant VDA standard container for tire attachment. The TPMS sensor measures tire pressure and temperature directly on the tire and transmits the tire condition with additional tire-related information regularly to the vehicle receiver.

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Communication Devices
    TireCheck communication devices are designed to offer seamless integration of a TPMS system and ensure reliable data collection and analysis. TireCheck TPMS communication devices can be used in a variety of combinations and technologies....

  • The RF to Bluetooth® Bridge offers seamless integration by converting the received TPMS sensor radio message into Bluetooth® communication before forwarding it. This enables easy and fast integration with existing Bluetooth® enabled devices such as telematic devices, smartphones, or tablets.

    Fitted to a static location, the TireCheck RF to Cloud TPMS Gateway captures data transmitted by TPMS sensors fitted to the vehicle. When a vehicle stops at a specific area such as a parking space, weighbridge or fuelling station, the tire sensor data is captured by the Gateway and uploaded to the TireCheck cloud server via a UMTS / GSM connection. The automatically captured tire condition information enables proactive management of vehicles without the need to carry out in-person inspections.

    The RF to 4G Cloud TPMS Bridge is a versatile product that provides a direct communication channel from the vehicle to a dedicated cloud server, perfect for remote sites or international travel. Tire pressure and temperature data from TPMS sensors fitted to the vehicle are continually uploaded to the cloud via 4G (LTE). This ensures accurate data 24/7 and enables proactive fleet management regardless of location or time zones.