C8 Energy  

Mississauga,  ON 
  • Booth: 2347

C8 Energy is a Canadian equipment distributor of the heavy-duty vehicle industry whose mission is to enable fleets in North America to begin their energy transition using innovative energy storage solutions. 

It is in this context that the development of innovative energy efficiency solutions for freight transportation, including off-road fossil fuel equipment, has been a focus for C8 Energy over the past years.

Our research has led us to Skeleton Technologies' supercapacitors, a technology that improves vehicle efficiency while saving fuel and reducing the carbon footprint. Skeleton Technologies aims to support the transportation industry in its transition to decarbonization.

The world’s most powerful system, the SkelStart supercapacitor ensures engine starting even in extreme cold, without the need for boosting, while increasing battery life. 

Brands: SkelStart from Skeleton Technologies.


  • SkelStart Engine Start Module
    SkelStart Engine Start Module will start your engine anywhere, every time and will crank any large engine reliably, time after time. Jumpstart avoidance means the supply chain is more reliable as downtime and maintenance costs are significantly reduced....

  • The SkelStart Engine Start Module is a supercapacitor engine start module. lt will start your engine any where, every time, and will crank any large engine reliably, time after time.

    Supercapacitors are highly resistant to harsh temperatures and operate at almost full efficiency even at -40 OC/F. The SkelStart only needs 9V to recharge, so it works even if your batteries are dead. The SkelStart increases battery lifespan up tp 2x and has itself a lifespan of 1+million charge disharge cycle, meaning it will last the entire lifetime of your vehicule. No maintenance or upgrades are required. SkelStart improves fuel economy as you do not need to idle your engine to keep the battery charged. Eliminating idling reduces fuel comsumption by 106 gallons a year, saving money, reducing C02 and NOx emissions.

    The SkelStart Engine Start Module will offer fleets major cost saving and have them get a quick return on their investment as well as helping them transition toward greener energy solutions.